How do you beat Zaeed on his loyalty mission?

How do you beat Zaeed on his loyalty mission?

Zaeed looks out the shuttle window then at Shepard. The shuttle then takes off and heads back. Additionally, if you do this mission after the suicide mission, choose the Paragon path, and have at least two more squadmembers left, then there will be an option to leave Zaeed to die when a metal beam collapses on him.

How do you get Zaeed loyalty in Mass Effect 2?

At a certain point in the mission, Shepard has to choose between saving the hostages of the refinery or killing Vido. Shepard has to convince Zaeed to look above his anger and save the refinery instead of killing Vido. Convincing Zaeed will complete the mission and help you earn Zaeed’s loyalty.

What happens if Zaeed is not loyal?

Provided a non-loyal Zaeed survives the Mass Effect 2 Suicide Mission, after Vido escapes, Shepard can choose the Renegade dialogue option I’m leaving you here. This leaves Zaeed behind to burn in the fire he started, just as he wanted to leave the refinery workers.

How do you get the full renegade in Mass Effect?

Fans playing any version of “Mass Effect 1,” including the one in “Mass Effect: Legendary Edition,” can get all the Paragon and Renegade points they want through an exploit on Lorik Qui’in when they are in Port Hanshan on Noveria. Players need to have five Charm points or five Intimidate points in the Squad Menu.

What happens if you go full Renegade Mass Effect?

For many Mass Effect players, completing a full Renegade playthrough of the trilogy is quite difficult on an emotional level. By sticking with Renegade only, Shepard kills their friends, dooms entire species to extinction, and exterminates colonies among other equally brutal actions.

What happens if Zaeed dies?

If Zaeed dies during the Suicide Mission, or during his loyalty mission, his role will be replaced by Krogan mercenary. Also, you’ll only be able to get one War Asset.

Should I go after Vido or save workers?

Save the Trapped Workers (Paragon Path) If you cannot use it, Zaeed will be Disloyal and thus at risk at the end of the game. Taking this option makes Zaeed quite upset that you aren’t going after Vido immediately, but he’s at least practical enough to know there’s no arguing and you’d better get to it.

Can you still get Zaeed loyalty?

Save the Trapped Workers (Paragon Path) Note that by taking this path, Zaeed’s Loyalty will now be up in the air: you must pass a Persuasion Check at the end of the level to unlock a Charm option that lets you secure his Loyalty. If you cannot use it, Zaeed will be Disloyal and thus at risk at the end of the game.

What DLC is Zaeed in?

Zaeed – The Price of Revenge
Zaeed – The Price of Revenge is a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 that was released on January 28, 2010.

How do you keep Zaeed alive?

Like with Kasumi, he won’t have any dialogue exchanges you can enter into with him or conflicts with other crew members. He’ll stick with Shepard to the very end, and can be kept alive by making the right preparations going into the final mission.

Is Renegade or Paragon better?

Being Paragon or Renegade will greatly impact Shepard’s dialogue and quick-time actions throughout the games. Overall, it can be said that Renegade Shepard’s dialogue is much funnier and more memorable. After all, Paragon Shepard is patient and kind which leaves little room for “creativity”.

Can you be paragon and renegade?

You can choose from either a Paragon or Renegade dialogue option if you have at least 5 points in charm and/or intimidate. Choosing either of these options will give you a reward of 24 Paragon or 25 Renegade points respectively. The conversation will end but you can talk to him again.

Does Zaeed have a loyalty mission in Mass Effect 2?

Shepard will need a high Paragon/Renegade score to secure his Loyalty. Zaeed is one of two DLC companions in Mass Effect 2, and, while he does have a Loyalty mission for Shepard to complete, it is somewhat different from the other squadmates’ personal missions.

Who is Zaeed Massani?

Mass Effect’s Zaeed founded the Blue Suns Mercenary Group with Vido Santiago, who betrayed him and shot him in the face. Now he wants his revenge. Mass Effect 2 introduced squadmate Zaeed Massani, who claims to have founded the Blue Suns Mercenaries with Vido Santiago 20 years earlier.

Where is the price of revenge Zaeed?

Zaeed’s Loyalty mission, Zaeed: The Price of Revenge, takes place in the Ismar Frontier system. Shepard and their team will need to fight through a few waves of Blue Suns mercenaries to reach the southern gatehouse of the refinery.

How do I earn Zaeed’s loyalty?

There are two routes this mission can go, and if the plan is to earn Zaeed’s loyalty, it will mean taking some Renegade actions — even if that is not Shepard’s general morality. Unlike other squadmate loyalty missions, Zaeed and Kasumi’s missions become available as soon as they are recruited and can be completed before going to Horizon.