How do you calculate DLCO?

How do you calculate DLCO?

How are patient’s diffusing capacity of lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO) values adjusted in pulmonary function testing?

  1. Adolescent males and men: DLCO (predicted for Hb) = DLCO (predicted) x (1.7 Hb/(10.22 + Hb))
  2. Children younger than 15 years and women: DLCO (predicted for Hb) = DLCO (predicted) x (1.7 Hb/(9.38 + Hb))

What is normal DLCO percentage?

Normal DLCO: >75% of predicted, up to 140% Mild: 60% to LLN (lower limit of normal) Moderate: 40% to 60% Severe: <40%

What is the unit of DLCO?

In the United States, the test is known as the DLCO and the units of measure are mL/min/mm Hg (traditional unit of measure). In contrast, the test is also known as the TLCO and the units of measure are mmol/min/kPa (International System of Units or SI units).

What does DLCO Va mean?

Background. The diffusing capacity of the lung is usually reported as both the diffusing capacity (DLCO) and the diffusing capacity divided by the alveolar volume (DLCO/VA).

How does PFT calculate DLCO?

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What causes decreased DLCO?

DLCO values represent the ability of the lung to transfer gas from the inhaled air into the blood stream and acts as a surrogate marker of the extent of lung damage (1). DLCO values may decrease because of several clinical conditions including emphysema, interstitial lung diseases, or pulmonary fibrosis (2).

What does a low TLCO mean?

4. TLCO is the gas exchange potential of the lung under specific conditions, a) at rest, b) at full inflation. 5. A low value of TLCO must be caused by a low value of KCO or VA or both. The primary measurements must be inspected first.

How do you adjust DLCO for hemoglobin?

  1. Predicted DLCO adjusted for hemoglobin is converted from mL CO/min/mmHg to mmol/min/kPa by multiplying by a factor of 0.3348.
  2. For females of any age and children less than 15 years old, the Age-Sex-Factor is 9.38.
  3. For males 15 years old or older, the Age-Sex-Factor is 10.22.

What does a low DLCO Va mean?

This can be assessed by calculating the VA/TLC ratio from a DLCO test that was performed with acceptable quality (i.e. good inspired volume). A low VA/TLC ratio (less than 0.85) indicates that a significant ventilation inhomogeneity is likely present.

Is DLCO and TLCO same?

DLCO – The diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (DLCO) is also known as the transfer factor for carbon monoxide or TLCO. It is a measure of the conductance of gas transfer from inspired gas to the red blood cells.