How do you draw a dotted line in Word?

How do you draw a dotted line in Word?

Right-click the line, then click “Format Shape,” or as an alternative, with the line selected, click the “Drawing Tools Format” tab on the Ribbon. To change the line to dashed or dotted line in Word, click the “Shape Outline” command in the Shape Styles group, then click “Dashes.” Select the desired line dash type.

What type of file is Microsoft Word?

Common file name extensions in Windows

Extension Format
doc Microsoft Word document before Word 2007
docm Microsoft Word macro-enabled document
docx Microsoft Word document
dot Microsoft Word template before Word 2007

How do I make a table continuous in Word?

Repeat table header on subsequent pages

  1. In the table, right-click in the row that you want to repeat, and then click Table Properties.
  2. In the Table Properties dialog box, on the Row tab, select the Repeat as header row at the top of each page check box.
  3. Select OK.

How do I save a Word document in Class 10 formats?

Steps to save Documents in Word Format

  1. From the File menu, select Save As…
  2. The Save As dialog box will display.
  3. Choose a location on your computer to save your file. You may want to create a folder to store all your class assignments.
  4. Next to File Type is a drop down menu; select Rich Text Format (.
  5. Click Save.

What are the steps to start Microsoft Word?

Step 1: From the desktop or from your ‘Start’ menu, open Microsoft Word. Step 2: Click either File or the Office button at the top left. Select Open and browse to the document you wish to open. Double-click on it with your left-hand mouse button to open it.

How do you work with documents and save them in different file formats?

How To Save Document In Different File Formats

  1. Go to the File menu and there to Save As.
  2. In the box, enter a file name for your document.
  3. Click on the Format pop-up menu to find all the files you can save your file as.
  4. Choose the one you want and click Save.

Why does my table disappear in Word?

This usually occurs because when you click and drag across a row, you may have selected only the cells in the row, not the entire row. To select the entire row, you must also select the invisible end-of-row marker.

How do I stop text disappearing in Word table?

Disappearing Text in Word Tables

  1. Selecting the cell, then use the Ribbon’s Layout tab (shown in purple) and set it’s alignment to Top (not Middle or Bottom)
  2. Go to your header and move around any graphic element (some picture positions or settings seem to repel the text in the last row)
  3. Reposition any other image on the page.

How do I get rid of gridlines in Word?

To show the gridlines, in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, click the View tab, and then check the Gridlines box. To hide the gridlines, clear the Gridlines check box.

How do you save a Word document for the first time?

To save a document:

  1. Locate and select the Save command on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. If you’re saving the file for the first time, the Save As pane will appear in Backstage view.
  3. You’ll then need to choose where to save the file and give it a file name.
  4. The Save As dialog box will appear.

How do you hide a table in Word?

To hide table gridlines in MS Word:

  1. Place your cursor in a table and the Table Tools will appear.
  2. On the Table Tools > Layout menu, deselect the View Gridlines button and the lines will be hidden from display.
  3. Click on the View Gridlines button to display them again.

How do I hide a table in Word 2010?

Step 1: Open the Word document containing the table for which you want to hide the gridlines. Step 2: Click anywhere inside the table. This is necessary to display the table-specific menus in the ribbon at the top of the window. Step 3: Click the Design tab at the the top of the window, under Table Tools.

How do I save a Pages document as word?

By default, Word will export all of the pages in the document. If you want to export only the current page, click Options in the Save as dialog box. The Options dialog box will appear. Select Current page, then click OK.

Which format is best for preserves?

XML Paper Specification

What are the tabs in the Ribbon of Microsoft Word?

The Ribbon is a user interface element which was introduced by Microsoft in Microsoft Office 2007. It is located below the Quick Access Toolbar and the Title Bar. It comprises seven tabs; Home, Insert, Page layout, References, Mailing, Review and View.

How do I save a document for the first time?

To save your file:

  1. Press CTRL+S or select File > Save. Tip: You can also select Save. on the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. You must enter a name for the file if you are saving it for the first time.

How do I get rid of the blue dotted line in Word?

You can turn off text boundaries in W2010 here: File > Options > Advanced > Show document content, then clear the check box before Show text boundaries. Because the lines are blue, I suspect they are table gridlines. Turn them off by going to Table tools, Layout tab.

What is shortcut key for line break?

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Shortcut Key
Justify a paragraph Ctrl + J
Create a non-breaking space Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar
Create a page break Ctrl + Enter
Create a line break Shift + Enter

What is keep with next in Word?

Keep with next paragraph binds the last line of a paragraph to the first line of the next. It ensures no page break happens between the two paragraphs. It’s like keep lines together, except it works between paragraphs instead of within a paragraph.

How do I break a table across in Word?

To change the option:

  1. Select the whole table by clicking once in the table and then on the table selector.
  2. From the Table Tools, Layout tab, Table group, click the Properties icon.
  3. From the Table Properties dialog box, select the Row tab;
  4. Select the option ‘Allow Row to break across pages’
  5. Click OK.

How do I hide text in Word?

Hiding Text

  1. Select the text you want to hide or the hidden text.
  2. Click the Home tab, and then click the Font Dialog Box Launcher.
  3. Click the Font tab. Click to view larger image.
  4. Select or clear the Hidden check box.
  5. Click OK.

Can’t open file this version of Office doesn’t support this file format?

It’s probably because it has been saved in a file format that this version of Word doesn’t support. Check the table below to see if that’s the case.

Why is my text not wrapping in Word table?

You long for a way to automatically adjust the size of the text in a cell so you won’t have the wrapping and pushing occur. Word provides a built-in option that may do the trick. Select the cell or cells that you want to format. Make sure the Layout tab of the ribbon is displayed.

How do I get rid of gridlines in Word 2010?

To enable Word’s gridlines in Word 2007/2010, do the following:

  1. Click the Page Layout tab.
  2. Click the Align dropdown in the Arrange group.
  3. Check View Gridlines. To disable gridlines, uncheck View Gridlines.

How do you insert a line break?

To add spacing between lines or paragraphs of text in a cell, use a keyboard shortcut to add a new line. Click the location where you want to break the line. Press ALT+ENTER to insert the line break.