How do you explain the Berlin Wall to children?

How do you explain the Berlin Wall to children?

60 second suggested clip1:147:28The Berlin Wall For Kids – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe wall was made up of barbed wire and thick cinder blocks. It became known as the Berlin wall.MoreThe wall was made up of barbed wire and thick cinder blocks. It became known as the Berlin wall. Along the Berlin wall were watchtowers guns and bombs in the ground to keep people from crossing.

Why was the Berlin Wall taken down for kids?

It separated the eastern half from the western half. Many people thought it was a symbol of the Cold War. The Berlin Wall was taken down on November 9, 1989. It was built to prevent people from escaping from the eastern half of Berlin.

What was the importance of the Berlin Wall?

The official purpose of this Berlin Wall was to keep so-called Western “fascists” from entering East Germany and undermining the socialist state, but it primarily served the objective of stemming mass defections from East to West.

Why was Germany divided for kids?

Background. In 1945, at the end of World War II, Germany became a divided country. The country had lost the war. The four main countries that had won each took control of part of Germany.

What happened during the Berlin Wall?

On the night of August 12-13, 1961, East German soldiers laid down more than 30 miles of barbed wire barrier through the heart of Berlin. East Berlin citizens were forbidden to pass into West Berlin, and the number of checkpoints in which Westerners could cross the border was drastically reduced.

What are 10 facts about the Berlin Wall?

Top 10 Facts about the Berlin Wall

  • The wall was built after World War II.
  • The wall initially consisted of barbed wires and concrete blocks.
  • Hundreds died while crossing the wall.
  • There was no government order to bring down the wall.
  • The Berlin Wall was compared to the stringent U.S immigration policy.

How old is the Berlin Wall?

During this period, over 100,000 people attempted to escape, and over 5,000 people succeeded in escaping over the Wall, with an estimated death toll ranging from 136 to more than 200 in and around Berlin….

Berlin Wall
Construction started 13 August 1961
Demolished 9 November 1989 – 1994

How did the Berlin Wall fall?

It was on 9 November 1989, five days after half a million people gathered in East Berlin in a mass protest, that the Berlin Wall dividing communist East Germany from West Germany crumbled. East German leaders had tried to calm mounting protests by loosening the borders, making travel easier for East Germans.

What are some interesting facts about the Berlin Wall?

On August 14,2018,a Berlin council member announced that a previously unknown section of the wall had been recently discovered in a residential area of the city!

  • The most famous border crossing was known as Checkpoint Charlie.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Berlin Wall each year!
  • What caused the Berlin Wall?

    The Berlin Wall was created to seperate the Communist side of Germany from the democratic West side which consisted of the United States, Great Britain, and France. Events, such as the Berlin Airlift*, after WWII in Germany that sparked conflict between East and West Germany all lead up to the creatin of the Berlin Wall.

    What were the effects of the Berlin Wall?

    ‘Cut the Iron Curtain’: Germany’s 1989 freedom picnic

  • The Leipzig march that KO’d communism
  • The story of Tunnel 29: The man who escaped East Germany but went back
  • What events led to the Berlin Wall?

    – East Side Gallery – Artists Initiative site – The Berlin Wall by Heiko Burkhardt. A good site with information and links concerning the vanishing Wall and its history. – More from the GW: East Side Gallery