How do you get free food from White Castle?

How do you get free food from White Castle?

After downloading their app (Apple iOS or Google Android) and log into your free Craver Nation reward account, you can get a free White Castle food offer. Once logged in, you must select your local White Castle in the app.

What is a 1921 slider?

A: The 1921 Slider is made to order with seared and seasoned beef, and topped with savory grilled onions, smoked cheddar and pickles on a signature White Castle bun. Lettuce and tomato are available at select Castle locations.

How do I contact White Castle?

(800) 843-2728White Castle / Customer service

Are White Castle burgers real meat?

White Castle starts with a stack of 100% beef (“We call that a beef log,” said Richardson) that then goes through the Meat Horn, which puts the holes in the log. The patties are then sliced and sent out to White Castles across the nation ready to be steamed.

Does White Castle have an app?

Order on the go anywhere, anytime with the official White Castle app (and cue the high-fives from your hungry crew).

How do I email White Castle?

If you have general questions or concerns about the accessibility of our website, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] or calling us at 1-800-843-2728 (1-800-THE-CRAV) (TTY).

Where is corporate headquarters for White Castle?

Columbus, OHWhite Castle / Headquarters

Why is there no White Castle in California?

There are two in Las Vegas. A pop up one was set up in Hollywood to promote the first Harold and Kumar movie. In the 1980s there were two micro chains, West Castle and Blue Castle, that were not any good and were shut down by legal action by White Castle. As of now, there are no White Castles in California.

How much is a White Castle combo?

White Castle Menu Prices (Updated: February 2022)

Food Size Price
Sliders Combo Includes Small Fries & Small Soft Drink
The Original Slider Single $0.72
The Original Slider Double $1.42
Cheese Slider Single $0.90

How do I pick up a White Castle Mobile order?

Once you’ve filled out your customization of the item and add it to your Sack, the discount will automatically be applied to your in-App order. Complete the checkout for your order through the App & head to your selected Castle to pick up your order!

How much was a White Castle burger in 1921?

White Castle opened its first restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921 and sold its burgers for only 5 cents. During the 1930s prices increased slowly. It was 1950 before the price of a hamburger rose from 10 to 12 cents. The 12-cent price held until 1967 when the price of a burger increased to 14 cents.

Does White Castle still have 1921 burger?

In celebration of its 100th birthday, Columbus-based White Castle is making The 1921 Slider, inspired by the very first Sliders created a century ago, a permanent menu item in restaurants throughout the greater Cincinnati area.