How do you get money in WWE 2008?

How do you get money in WWE 2008?

Easy money Go to the calendar, scroll down to WrestleMania, and select it. Choose to simulate all matches up to this date. You should get a lot of money. Save the game, and repeat this as many times as desired to get an unlimited amount of money.

Does SmackDown vs Raw 2008 have GM mode?

Graphics and gameplay are similar to the previous years in the SvR series. It also includes the new 24/7 mode which includes Become a Legend or GM Mode where you can also train superstars and gain them popularity.

What is WWE GM mode?

Starting with WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006, a General Manager mode (or GM Mode for short) was introduced. It allows the player to act as the General Manager of the Raw or SmackDown brands (or ECW in WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008).

Who is the best player in WWE 2008?

CM Punk and Kofi Kingston – Arguably the two stars that have improved the most in 2008, with Kofi winning the Intercontinental title and CM Punk winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Both were drafted to Raw from ECW and had continued success since.

How do you do a finisher in SVR 2008?


  1. Once bar is filled, press triangle button but first make your opponent groggy. zaya6 – 10 years ago – report 0 0.
  2. Or, depending on the finisher, get into whatever situation it requires, then hit triangle. (It’ll prompt you to hit triangle when you’re in one of your finisher situations.)

How do you unlock everything in SVR 2008?

Unlock Legends

  1. “Ravishing” Rick Rude – Buy in the WWE Shop for $210,000.
  2. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Buy in the WWE Shop for $210,000.
  3. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin – Go into the Hall of Fame and select Stone Cold.
  4. Bret Hart – Defeat Bret Hart in the Hall of Fame direct challenge mode.
  5. JBL – Buy in the WWE Shop for $110,000.

Will WWE 2K22 have GM mode?

Visual Concepts introduces the MyGM Game Mode, reinstating a fan-favorite game mode from the days of SmackDown vs. Raw. However, there are key differences between the General Manager Mode we know and love with the new, more modern MyGM Mode available to us in WWE 2K22.

Does SVR 2009 have GM mode?

The General Manager mode and Create-A-Championship were removed from SmackDown vs Raw 2009. Both the Wii and DS versions now include new match types, such as the Steel Cage and Ladder match, with the DS version also featuring tables and TLC matches.

Who was WWE Champion 2008?

Triple H
WWE Champion Triple H defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Championship.

How do you unlock Bret Hart in SVR 2008?


  1. Bret Hart – Defeat him in Hall of Fame challenge.
  2. JBL – Buy for $110,000.
  3. Mick Foley – Defeat him in Hall of Fame challenge, and then purchase for $210,000.
  4. Rick Rude – Purchase him in WWE Shop for $210,000.
  5. Rowdy Roddy Piper – Purchase him in WWE Shop for $210,000.
  6. Sabu – Purchase for $210,000.