How do you get the paradox ending?

How do you get the paradox ending?

You’ll need to have finished the game before unlocking this Paradox. Activate the Paradox Scope and close the gate to Academia 4XX. Head in and deliver the cores to Alyssa making sure to not skip any of the cut scenes. When a Live Trigger activates refuse to take the fragment from Alyssa.

How many endings does ff13 2 have?

In addition to the true ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2, there are eight alternate endings referred to as “Paradox Endings”. These eight endings can only be triggered by doing certain tasks in the worlds.

How do you get Gil in Ffxiii 2?

Farming Gil

  1. Don Tonberry Method. advertisement.
  2. CHOCOBO RACING. There are plenty of good items only to be obtained in Chocobo Races.
  3. Raspatil Method. The rare Raspatil can be found in Oerba 400 AF.
  4. Archlyte Steppe. Fighting Yomi is a fantastic way to make 130,000 gil per fight when you equip a Durable Collectors Catologue.

Are there multiple endings to lightning returns?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will have one, final concrete ending, according to director Motomu Toriyama. Speaking with VG247, Toriyama said unlike Final Fantasy 13-2, there won’t be multiple endings possible.

What triggers paradox endings?

These endings are triggered under various circumstances, such as winning certain battles or making certain decisions. Explore the possibilities of the timeline and see how many paradox endings you can uncover!

How do I unlock paradox endings?

To access most paradox endings, the Paradox Scope Fragment Skill is required to be active. Witnessing all paradox endings and the secret ending unlocked after obtaining all 160 fragments earns the player the “Anomalous” achievement/trophy .

What happens at the end of Final Fantasy XIII?

They all lead to the end of the world, and a new beginning. The story of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII concentrates on Lightning’s mission as the savior and her task of freeing people’s souls from their burdens, which tie them to the dying world of Nova Chrysalia. The story ends with the destruction of the old one and birth of a new one .

How do you get the paradox scope?

You can get the Paradox Scope after beating the last boss. But be aware that battles will be much tougher. Each of these alternative endings require you to go close gates and re-do levels. Unlocked by defeating Atlas without weakening him with the switch in Bresha Ruins 005 AF