How do you Gowipe th9?

How do you Gowipe th9?

  1. drop down the 2 golems together to distract.
  2. drop down the 3 P.E.K.K.A. behind the golems spread apart by 3-4 tiles each.
  3. drop down about half of your wizards in a line behind the P.E.K.K.A.

How do you Gowipe in clash of clans?

If you use this strategy for war attacks, change the number of Wall Breakers according to the walls if needed. You must make a path to the enemy’s Town Hall/find shortest path with less walls. Use Wall Breakers to destroy first layer of walls so Golems can go in….GoWiPe.

By: Saeedbs
Trophy Level: 1800-2600

What is Gowiwi COC?

Introduction: This strategy enables you to easily get 2 stars on most TH9 opponents in clan wars. Drop 7 wizards, your clan castle wizards, then the 2 witches in a line behind the golems.

What troops should I upgrade first at TH9?

First upgrade your teslas and ad. side by side keep upgrading your troops first wizard, then loons and then dark troops….

  • Upgrade war troops, spells, archer queen, and barbarian king.
  • Build/upgrade air defenses, teslas, air sweeper, and traps.
  • Upgrade other defenses, once you begin to three star opponents.

What spells should I use with Gowipe?

Spells: Heal x 1, Rage x 2, Poison x 1. Clan Castle: P.E.K.K.A x 1 (Max – Level 5 Recommended)

Are witches good in COC?

Witches are a good troop for defense in lower town halls, and is good for attack in th10 and above, where it can be used with bowlers for funneling and for distracting defenses. At th9, it can used with Golems but it is not that effective if not placed properly or if the base is designed to counter Witches.

What is the gowiwi attack strategy?

**Characterization: **The key of this attack strategy are the multitude of tanks represented by the golems and the Skeletons spawned by the witches. The GoWiWi attack strategy is mainly used by high level players, however, it started to be used by smaller ones too.

Can th8 attack with gowiwi?

TH8 can attack with GoWiWi if they get 2 witches in their CC, but those are usually not enough for a great attack. At this TH level, you aim for 3 stars and it is hard to achieve that with the 2 witches attack, therefore I will not provide any army composition for TH8.

How many troops does gowiwi have in his camp?

1 Jump Spell, 2 Rage Spells, 2 Freeze Spells + 1 Poison Spell TOTAL: 240 troops in camps + 35 troops in CC Let’s attack! The first thing you need to take care of when you attack with GoWiWi are the defender’s Clan Castle troops.