How do you know who the gardener really is?

How do you know who the gardener really is?

How do we know who the gardener really is? Ans: The person who was the eyewitness of the death of Michael was a gardener. According to this story, the gardener reveals the truth. The Gardener is seen at the end of this story at the graveyard.

How does Don Gonzalo try to hide his identity?

Don Gonzalo tells Dona Laura that his cousin took refuge in his house fearful of the consequences of a duel with a person highly regarded in that locality. From his home, he later went to Seville and then to Madrid. Since his letters to Laura were intercepted by her parents, Gonzalo did not get any reply from her.

What is the name of Laura’s maid?


How does the last stanza shape the overall meaning of the poem when you are old?

After an initial read, many see this poem as one that is filled with love, but the last stanza is dark; the speaker is reminding his former mistress that their love did not last, and this is something she should regret for the rest of her life.

What was Basavaiah’s way of investing in his home with meaning?

He got a palatial mansion built for himself. He appointed a number of persons just to praise him. Then he bedecked himself with gold, diamonds, and other precious stones. Then he started inviting scholars, poets and musicians to his place and tried to invest his home with meaning.

How old was Don Gonzalo when he had been to America?

six years

How old is Donalaura?

(DOÑA LAURA, a handsome, white-haired old lady of about seventy, refined in appearance, her bright eyes and entire manner giving evidence that despite her age her mental faculities are unimpaired, enters leaning upon the arm of her maid, PETRA. In her free hand she carries a parasol, which serves also as a cane.)

What does the speaker in when you are old suggest to his beloved to reflect upon?

What does the speaker in When You Are Old’suggest to his beloved to reflect upon? Answer: The poet asks his beloved to reflect upon the bygone days and the present moment because he seems to be apprehensive that she will continue to ignore him, her beauty will vanish soon and she will be alone in her old age.

What does Don Gonzalo use to brush the dust from his shoes?


Who created heaven on earth?


What does the line Heaven lies all over suggest?

What does the line ‘Heaven lies all over’ suggest? Answer: Heaven is not elsewhere but within us and is all over the world. If we are good, then that is heaven and if we are bad that is hell.

When you are old pilgrim soul meaning?

The phrase “pilgrim soul” may refer to Gonne’s independent frame of mind, or perhaps her support for freedom and Irish nationalism. In any case, it is something unique to her in Yeats’ mind and separate from the more transient qualities of her beauty. The third stanza seems packed with meaning and power.

What makes Laura feel in the beginning?

Answer. He’s walked into the midst of pigeons while Laura was feeding them and when she questions he replies that he did not care for the birds and asks her how dare she talk to him. These rude actions of Gonzalo made Laura conclude, that he was an ill-natured man.

Who is Petra in sunny morning?

Answer. Explanation: In ‘A Sunny Morning’ Petra, her maid, accompanied Dona Laura, when she came to the park.

What serves Gonzalo right for scaring the birds in a sunny morning?

Dona Laura comments that he was an ill-natured old man and people ought not to get so fussy and cross when they reach a certain age. Later, when she notices him losing another bench, says mockingly “serves him right for scaring the birds”. “Poor man! He is wiping the perspiration from his face”.

When you are old William Butler Yeats meaning?

“When You Are Old” is a bittersweet poem that reveals the complexities of love. The poem is generally taken to be addressed to Maud Gonne, an Irish actress with whom Yeats was infatuated throughout his life (which is why we’re using male and female pronouns in this guide).

How is the title a sunny morning justifiable?

The title A Sunny Morning’ is quite appropriate and aptly captures the spirit of the play. The play can be justifiably called a romantic comedy because there are elements of both romance and comedy in the play. In its most general sense the word ‘romance’ suggests elements of gallant love, chivalry and adventure.

Why are Don Gonzalo and Laura annoyed with each other?

Why are Don Gonzalo and Laura annoyed with each other? Answer: Dona Laura is annoyed with Don Gonzalo because despite her warning he scares away the birds which were feeding on her crumbs in the park. Don Gonzalo is annoyed because she is complaining about some birds which were feeding in a public park.

What qualities of the old man impressed the narrator?

What qualities of the old man impressed the narrator? Answer: The old man impressed the narrator by his eyes suffused with strange memories and native intelligence. He had strong muscular arms, grey hairs and a beak-like nose.

How did Tammanna and Basavaiah manage their rivalry in the beginning?

Tammanna did not agree. On the contrary, he offered to buy all the land that belonged to Basavaiah. Therefore, Basavaiah went along with his people and acquired two hundred acres of Tammanna’s land forcibly and got a fence built around it Tammanna could not tolerate this invasion.

Who in the gardener shied away from hard work?

4. Why did the owner’s wife start worrying about the strange ways of her husband? Ans: He became lethargic and shied away from hard work.