How do you link the blade page in Laravel?

How do you link the blade page in Laravel?

  1. Like any other link: Book . – brombeer. Sep 18 ’18 at 10:29.
  2. – Andrius Rimkus. Sep 18 ’18 at 10:29.
  3. the best way is to create named route and use this names in href href=”{{route(‘route_name’)}}” – atf.sgf. Sep 19 ’18 at 11:58.

How do I find my url in blade?

So get current url or path in blade by using Request method. So the methods we can use for this are Request::url(), or Request::fullUrl(), or Request::path(), Request::is() and also Request::segment().

How do I create a link in Laravel?

Build A Link Sharing Website With Laravel

  1. 1#Choose a project name.
  2. 2#Install Homestead.
  3. 3#Create a Laravel Application.
  4. 4#Set the Application Namespace.
  5. 5#Open the project in PHP Storm.
  6. 6#Configure base url, providers, and aliases.
  7. 7#Configure Environment Settings.
  8. 8#Create The Database.

How can I get current url in Laravel?

You can use this code to get current URL: echo url()->current(); echo url()->full();

How do you get the route in Laravel blade?

“get current route in blade laravel” Code Answer’s

  1. Get the current url.
  2. here using the Request::url() method. It will return the entire URL, but strip the query string from it.
  3. Url: {{ Request::url() }}

  4. Output.
  5. Url: http://localhost:8000/post/demo.

What is @include in Laravel?

@include is just like a basic PHP include, it includes a “partial” view into your view. @extends lets you “extend” a template, which defines its own sections etc. A template that you can extend will define its own sections using @yield , which you can then put your own stuff into in your view file.

How use external PHP file in Laravel?

Use an external PHP file in Controller

  1. Just include the class with PHP functions like include() or require() – and don’t forget app_path() function:
  2. In composer.json file you just add needed files in “autoload” section – in a new entry called “files”:
  3. Autoload the whole folder in composer.json.

How do I find base url in laravel?

To access a named route, you could use the following: echo route(‘posts’); This would check your routes file and return the correct route with name posts , e.g. . Alternatively to the url() helper, you could use the URL facade.

How can I get route name in laravel?

Laravel: How to Get Current Route Name? (v5 & v6)

  1. Route::currentRouteName()
  2. Route::getCurrentRoute()->getPath();
  3. \Request::route()->getName()
  4. Route::currentRouteName(); //use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Route;
  5. Route::getCurrentRoute()->getActionName();
  6. $uri = $request->path();
  7. if ($request->is(‘admin/*’)) {

How can I get base URL in PHP?

Try using: $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’]; I used it to echo the base url of my site to link my css.

How do I find base URL in laravel?

How do I find URL in Laravel 8?

So, you can get current url easily. you can easily get current url in laravel 6, laravel 7, laravel 8 and laravel 9 application. $currentURL = Request::url(); dd($currentURL);