How do you measure mid arm muscle circumference?

How do you measure mid arm muscle circumference?

MAMC, as a marker of lean muscle mass, is calculated using the standard formula: MAMC = MAC–(3.14 x TSF thickness).

How do you measure muscle circumference?

You can measure your muscle circumference simply by using a measuring tape around your limbs. It would also be useful to wrap a string around your limbs and then measure the string you marked. When measuring your muscle circumference, keep in mind that the main goal is to provide data for continuity.

What is the normal mid arm muscle circumference?

An MUAC less than 12.5 cm suggests malnutrition; an MUAC greater than 13.5 cm is normal.

What is the difference between MUAC and Mamc?

The measurement of MUAC was taken midway between the tip of acromion and olecranon process. Mid arm muscle circumference (MAMC) was calculated from MUAC using the formula (Chumlea et al 1998). MAMC = MUAC (cm) – 3.142 x TSF (cm), where TSF is tricep skinfold thickness in cm.

What is Mamc in anthropometry?

Mid-arm muscle circumference (MAMC) is a bedside anthropometric measurement that estimates somatic protein reserve, an early indicator of nutritional depletion. This measurement is simple, non-invasive, objective and inexpensive to perform.

How do you measure arm muscle?

The following are the most widely used equations assuming the arm has a cylindrical shape.

  1. Total upper arm area (TUA) = MUAC2 / (4*π)
  2. Arm muscle area (AMA) = [MUAC – (TS*π)]2 / (4*π)
  3. Arm fat area (AFA) = TUA – AMA.
  4. Arm fat index (AFI) = (AFA / TUA)*100.

What is arm circumference measurement?

Mid-upper arm circumference, often shortened to MUAC, is a measurement that allows health workers to quickly determine if a patient is acutely malnourished. PIH, as well as many other organizations, measures the circumference of a patient’s arm at the midpoint between his or her shoulder and elbow.

Can we use MUAC for adults?

Although mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) is commonly used to determine the nutritional status of adolescents and adults, there are no global standards to classify acute malnutrition among adolescents and adults using MUAC.

What is visceral protein?

Visceral proteins and the acute phase VPs are rapid-turnover proteins mostly synthesized in the liver. Poor protein-energy intake, impaired liver synthetic function as well as inflammatory status result in low circulating VP levels.

How do you calculate muscle area?

How would one determine the arm muscle circumference and arm muscle area?


  1. Upper arm muscle circumference (S) in mm: S = c – ( T * 3.14)
  2. Upper arm area (A) in mm² : A = c² / 12.56.
  3. Upper arm muscle area (M) in mm² : M = S² / 12.56.
  4. Upper arm fat area (F) in mm² : F = A – M.

How do you measure a baby’s mid arm circumference?

Bend the child’s left arm at 90 degrees to the body. Find the mid-point of the upper arm. The mid-point is between the tip of the shoulder and the elbow. Mark with a pen the mid-upper arm point.

What is the difference between upper arm and mid arm circumference?

In practice, midarm muscle circumference is used in preference to midarm circumference as a measurement which reflects total body protein stores. The upper-arm circumference comprises central bone surrounded by a layer of skeletal muscle and subcutaneous fat.

How do you measure mid-arm circumference?

Record measurement in centimeters using a decimal point if the measurement does not fall on an exact number. Repeat the circumference measurement a total of 3 times and take an average of the 3 to get the most accurate mid-arm circumference measurement.

What is the upper arm made up of?

The upper-arm circumference comprises central bone surrounded by a layer of skeletal muscle and subcutaneous fat. The midarm muscle circumference, derived from the midarm circumference and the triceps skin-fold thickness, takes into account an assessment of both fat and protein stores.

What is upper arm circumference used for?

The upper arm circumference and sometimes the calf circumference are used as a measure for muscle area (for upper arm and leg respectively). The upper arm circumference has to be corrected for subcutaneous fat tissue, which is normally achieved by taking the triceps skinfold thickness into account (Lukaski, 2005 ).