How do you mix deep house music?

How do you mix deep house music?

How to mix Deep House music

  1. Get your tracks in sync.
  2. Cut the bass completely, reduce the high and mid frequencies.
  3. Fade in track 2 or start Track 2 on the 1st of 32 beats.
  4. Start reducing the dominance of track 1.
  5. Let the mix ride!

How do you get the best mix possible?

Top 10 Tips for Making a Good Mix

  1. Keep it simple. When recording, don’t clutter – focus on the main ingredients (rhythm guitar, bass, percussion, etc.), adding additional instrumentation only as needed.
  2. Keep it down.
  3. Watch the gloss.
  4. All together.
  5. Give it a rest.
  6. Listen from a distance.
  7. Combine tracks.
  8. Get the red out.

How can I get better at mixing EDM?

30 Mixdown Tips & Techniques for Instantly Improving Your Electronic Dance Music

  1. The mix starts before choosing your first sound!
  2. Sound design and sample selection.
  3. Tune your drums.
  4. Use automation.
  5. Cut EQ rather than boost.
  6. Use distortion as EQ.
  7. Starting fader levels.
  8. Check the mix on different speakers / headphones.

How do I make my mix sound professional?

How To Make My Mix Sound Professional: 10 Golden Rules

  1. 1) Do your Gain Staging.
  2. 2) Do your bus routing.
  3. 3) Compress in stages.
  4. 4) Filter out unwanted frequencies.
  5. 5) Use gear and/or plugins to give character.
  6. 6) Sort out the low end.
  7. 7) Do parallel compression.
  8. 8) Do your panning and spatializing.

At what level should my mix be before mastering?

I recommend mixing at -23 dB LUFS, or having your peaks be between -18dB and -3dB. This will allow the mastering engineer the opportunity to process your song, without having to resort to turning it down.

How do you make EDM sound professional?

5 Quick Tips For Making Your EDM Sound More Professional

  1. Quick Master. Whilst this isn’t going to fix a bad mix, it’s a great way to test your productions quickly and have them sound nice and loud.
  2. Structure Blitz. Do you spend ages caught in a 4 – 8 bar loop?
  3. Layering.
  4. Auxiliary Effects.
  5. Parallel Processing.

How do you EQ EDM music?

Apply either cut or boost around 300hz, depending on the song and sound. try boosting around 3kHz to add some edge to the sound, or cut to add some transparency. Try boosting around 6kHz to add presence. Try boosting around 10kHz to add brightness.

How do you make sounds bigger?

How to Make Your Mix Sound Bigger

  1. EQ Up Lows and Highs. Pull up an equalizer and boost the low end ever so slightly to add a bit of richness to the bass.
  2. Layer Up. Adding more layers is one of the easiest ways to bring more texture and depth to your mix.
  3. Add Some Reverb.
  4. 808 Kick Drum.
  5. Widen Your Stereo Image.

How do you make a big room synth?

10 ways to create monstrous big room synth sounds

  1. Sidechain everything.
  2. Keep your reverb clean.
  3. Keep your delays light.
  4. Incorporate acoustic instruments.
  5. Chain effects creatively.
  6. Layers of distortion.
  7. Vocoderation.
  8. Glitch to the win.