How do you promote a fraternity?

How do you promote a fraternity?

Brand your fraternity recruitment. Incorporate smart communication strategies. Build from your fundraising success….2. Implement fraternity recruitment softwareCollecting recruits’ contact information.Filling out paperwork.Coordinating events.Communicating with recruits and current brothers and sisters.

What is a big in a sorority?

A Big is an initiated member in the sorority. To get more specific, a Big is usually a Sophomore or Junior in the sorority. However, some sororities do allow Seniors to become Bigs.

Do sororities look at your Instagram?

Sorority members will be looking at your Instagram. You should think of your Instagram as your first impression. The members are going to look at your Instagram before sorority recruitment, during sorority recruitment, and after you get a bid.

Are sororities based on looks?

The only house that recruits exclusively for looks is Alpha Phi. The others look for girls with some combination of looks, academics, recommendations, personality, reputation, achievements, etc.

What makes you a legacy in a sorority?

What is a legacy? Being a legacy means your mom, sister, or grandmother pledged a sorority when they were in college. In addition, most sororities give legacy status to women with stepmothers, but aunts and cousins do not count.

Does being a legacy help sorority?

Legacies are important to a sorority because they allow family ties to continue on. Once the sorority knows about your legacy status, you will be given special consideration. Some sororities guaranteed invitations after the first round of cuts, and some even put you on the top of the Bid Day List.