How do you put a line at the top of the page in Word?

How do you put a line at the top of the page in Word?

Insert a lineOn the Insert tab, select Shapes.Under Lines, select any line style you like.Select a location in the document, hold and drag your pointer to a different location, and then release the mouse button.

How do I make a small vertical line in Word?

To add a vertical line using the shape tool, go to Insert | Shapes and select the Line tool. Place the cursor where you want the line to start, and drag to where you want the other end of the line to be. Holding the Shift key while you drag will ensure that the line is straight.

How do you draw a line down the middle of a word document?

How to Draw a Line Down the Middle in Microsoft WordClick the Insert tab.Click the Shapes icon in the Illustrations group.Click the line icon, the leftmost option under the Lines heading; this icon is a simple diagonal line.Click where you want the line to begin—for example, at the top center of the page.

How do you make a table in Word without lines?

Remove all bordersClick in any cell to show the table move handle. in the upper left corner of the table.Click the table move handle. to select the table and show the Table Design tab.On the Table Design tab, click the arrow next to Borders and then click No Border . Tip: Be sure to click Borders not Border Styles.

What type of file can save as much data as possible?

You should save data in a non-proprietary (open) file format when possible. If conversion to an open data format will result in some data loss from your files, you might consider saving the data in both the proprietary format and an open format.

How do you preserve digital files?

So what’s the best plan?Make regular backups. Back up your devices on a regular schedule. Make archives. Make copies. Store your archives in a cool, dry place. Request regular backups of your social media activity. Convert documents and media out of proprietary formats. Consider encrypting your archive.

What best describes proprietary file format?

A format that is considered a trade secret. …