How do you read a Sensus meter?

How do you read a Sensus meter?

The Sensus meter is read from left to right. The first 4 numbers are the 1000’s that we read (example – 699,000.0 gallons total went through this meter since it was installed). If the RED circle is moving, there is water currently flowing through the meter. The AMCO meter is read from left to right.

Who makes Sensus water meters?

Xylem Inc.
Xylem Inc. to acquire Sensus, a global leader in smart meters, network technologies and advanced data analytics solutions for the water industry, for $1.7 billion in cash. Xylem Inc.

How can you tell if you have a water leak with a digital meter?

For Digital Display (LCD) Meters Observe the flow rate screen for at least 10 flashes. If the number is greater than zero on any of the flashes, you have a continuous leak . Some leaks are very slow and may not show as a continuous flow.

How do you read a smart meter with A and B button?

If your meter has A and B buttons under the screen

  1. press the A button.
  2. press the A button again until you see ‘METER INDEX’ and numbers followed by ‘M3’
  3. write down the number from left to right.
  4. ignore any zeroes at the beginning and any numbers after the decimal point.

What is a Sensus radio read?

(MXU) is a radio signal device which permits off-site meter reading via radio signals. This feature provides enhanced cost effective AMR where multiple meter installations exist.

How do I read Sensus iPerl?

There are 9 digits / bars on the Sensus iPerl meter at the top of the digital display. Only the 1st 4 numbers at the far left will be programmed in 100 cubic feet and read. You can also monitor the 9th number to the far right to check for leaks.

Is Sensus owned by Xylem?

As part of the Xylem family, Sensus is backed by all the expertise and resources of this global organization. Each day, our smart solutions connect water and energy providers to their communities.

Where are Sensus meters made?

Summary: Sensus has opened a new meter manufacturing and assembly facility in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, the People’s Republic of China. The facility, with the capacity to produce 150,000 meters annually, will meet demand for Sensus meters in Asia as well as Oceania, South America and Europe.

How many digits are there on a sensus water meter?

Then, the Sensus water meter manual reading can be conducted as mentioned below: On display, there will be 9 digits being displayed, including the decimal number. The reading will typically use the first 7 digits to measure your monthly consumption.

How do you read a water meter reading?

The reading will typically use the first 7 digits to measure your monthly consumption. Note that the unit of the measurement is in Gal – which stands for ‘gallons’. For example, if your reading is 0001198.2, then it can be read as 1,198 gallons. Usually, the number right to the decimal is disregarded.

Can I use a hand-held unit to read my meter?

They are available for use with walk-by or drive-by automated meter reading systems, and offer a choice of meter reading options. A hand-held unit can be used for reading SmartPoint modules or for manually entering visual readings by meter readers on foot.

What is a touchreader+ 3096 reading device?

The TouchReader®+ 3096 reading device is a battery-powered, compact reading device with a visual display. It lets you read meters interfaced to the TouchRead® System and activate/deactivate our radios (Models 510R/520R).