How do you remove a spare tire from a Honda Civic?

How do you remove a spare tire from a Honda Civic?

The spare tire is stored in the trunk. To remove the spare tire and the tool kit, open the trunk, and raise the trunk floor by lifting up on the back edge. Raise the trunk floor and the lower part of the trunk lining as shown. Align the lower hole in the trunk lining with the hole in the trunk floor.

How do you change a tire on a Honda?

Changing Your Honda Tires Apply the parking brake and place wheel wedges under the other tires. Remove the wheel cover or hubcap from the tire, then loosen the lug nuts. Use the jack to raise your vehicle and remove the lug nuts. Remove the current tire and mount the new or spare tire.

How do you put a spare tire on a Honda Civic?

Now it’s time to put on the spare:

  1. Remove spare tire from the trunk.
  2. Mount the spare tire onto the lug nuts.
  3. Tighten the lug nuts by hand.
  4. Lower the vehicle until the spare tire is just touching the ground.
  5. Tighten the lug nuts the rest of the way.
  6. Lower the vehicle the rest of the way.
  7. Remove the jack.
  8. Replace the hubcap.

Where is the spare tire on a Honda Civic?

The 2019 Honda Civic comes standard with a spare tire that is located in the trunk of the car under the main floor. This spare tire is what is called a space saving spare and it is smaller in size than a regular tire. It is also narrower so You do wind up having less traction.

How much does a Honda Civic tire cost?

Typical Honda Civic tires are priced between $150 – $350 per tire, however, High-performance tires can price anywhere between well over $500.

Where is the jack in my Honda Civic?

The 2017 Honda Civic spare tire and Jack can be found in the cargo area under the trunk floor compartment. The cargo area is where You can find the jack kit and the tool to release the spare tire which is housed underneath the back of the car.

Does Civic come with jack?

The Civic comes with a scissor jack in the trunk.

When do you need to change the tires on a Honda?

This article applies to the Honda Civic/Del Sol (1992-2000), and Accord (1990-2002). Sooner or later, most people will have a reason to change a tire. You might want to put on the spare tire during an emergency, you might want to work on your brakes, or you might want to install new tires.

What are the best tires for a Honda Civic?

Many drivers also note that the stock Civic and Accord tires are affordable, have decent grip on wet surfaces, and tend to last quite a long time. Figure 3. Popular Falken Azenis tires.

How do I know what size tires to buy for my Honda?

You can use a Honda tire/rim calculator to determine how your speedometer reading will change if you alter the size of your wheels and tires. With this calculator, you can easily compare the stock size tires (or the size of your current tires) to the new tires you’re considering.

How to change a spare tire?

It’s easier to have the spare tire near you and ready to be put on the car when it’s needed. If there is a wheel cover, use the flat end of the extension rod to pry it off. Take the lug wrench, and begin to loosen the lug nuts on the tire that needs replacing. It is better to slightly loosen them while the car is still on the ground.