How do you remove the cover on a STIHL chainsaw?

How do you remove the cover on a STIHL chainsaw?

Stihl Chainsaw Top Cover Removal

  1. Clean the top cover with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Switch the master control lever to the cold start position.
  3. Grasp the twist lock and turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise.
  4. Pull the top cover free from the chainsaw.

How old is a STIHL 015l chainsaw?

“Introduced in 1973 and manufactured until 1983, the 015 was STIHL’s first small chain saw designed specifically for the “hobby” or homeowner market and was produced in several forms including a top handle version and a rear handle version. It’s power was around 2 BHP with a max RPM of 12,500.

How do you adjust the carburetor on a STIHL 025 chainsaw?

To do this, turn the “L” screw clockwise as far as it will go, using a flat-head screwdriver, then turn it counterclockwise as far as it will go. If it turns more than one complete revolution, it’s a type A carburetor, and if it turns less than one revolution, it’s a type B carburetor.

How do I get my chainsaw to idle?

First set the idle speed by setting it as high as possible without engaging the clutch (close to 2700 RPM if you have a tachometer). Then set the low-speed screw by turning it gently in until the engine begins to starve for fuel, then turn it out gently until the engine loads up.

How do I adjust the idle speed?

Turn the idle screw, now exposed from the protective rubber coating, in order to adjust the idle. Loosen the screw in a counter-clockwise fashion to increase idle speed or tighten it in a clockwise manner in order to decrease the idle speed.

Quels sont les accessoires pour une tronçonneuse?

Câble d’allumage pour tronçonneuse Stihl… Cliquet de lanceur pour tronçonneuse Stihl… Kit de 3 ressorts d’embrayage pour… Pot d’échappement, silencieux pour tronçonneuse… Joint de cylindre pour tronçonneuse Stihl…

Quel tuyau pour tronçonneuse?

Durite, tuyau d’huile pour tronçonneuse Stihl… Corde de lanceur nylon pour tronçonneuse Stihl 040, 041. Ø 4,5 mm x 2 m Cordon de lanceur en nylon pour tronçonneuse… Bobine d’allumage pour tronçonneuse Stihl 040 040AV 041 41AV.

Quelle est la marque d’origine de ma pièce de tronçonneuse?

Nos pièces Matijardin sont dans la grande majorité des pièces adaptables ou de remplacement. Si pour certaines pièces de tronçonneuses, nous avons mentionné la marque ou le numéro d’origine pour en faciliter l’identification, aucune confusion ne pourrait donc se produire avec la marque d’origine Stihl.