How do you reset Sprinter TPMS?

How do you reset Sprinter TPMS?

Hold the TPMS reset button until the tire pressure light blinks three times, then release it. Start the car and wait 20 minutes so the sensor can refresh. You will find the tire pressure monitor reset button beneath the steering wheel. Check the user’s manual if you can’t find it.

Does the Mercedes Sprinter have TPMS?

TPMS sensors are great for helping you keep your tires properly inflated, but they don’t last forever. That’s where replacement TPMS Sensors for Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes Sprinters come in.

What is a VS30 Sprinter?

The 2019+ VS30 Sprinter 144 is the smallest option in the Sprinter line with a total length of 19′ 4”. It’s popular among overlanders and adventurers because it’s more nimble, and the shorter wheelbase allows it to perform better on trails and around metropolitan environments.

Is buying a Sprinter worth it?

The Sprinter is a venerable and capable van that is certainly packed with features designed to improve the driving experience. If you’re looking for a versatile, capable, and comfortable van, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is worth every last penny you spend on it. This van is absolutely worth the money.

How do you program a Mercedes TPMS?


  1. Press forward/back button on steering wheel until trip and odometer are displayed.
  2. Press UP or DOWN until tire pressure monitor is shown.
  4. If REACTIVE-TIRE PRESS. MONITOR appears then repeat procedure.

Where is the tire pressure reset button?

steering wheel
The TPMS reset button is usually located beneath the steering wheel. If you are unable to find it, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Inflate all tires to 3 PSI over their recommended amount, then deflate them completely. Be sure to include the spare tire, as it may have a sensor as well.

What is a T1N?

The T1N (Transporter 1 Neu) is the first generation van 2002 to 2006 in the US, and only came with a 2.7 liter inline 5 cyl diesel. The NCV3 (New Concept Van 3) is the second generation van, 2007 to 2018, and came mostly with a 3.0 V-6 diesel. In the 2014 to 2016 models, there is also a 2.1 liter inline 4 cyl diesel.

Do Mercedes TPMS sensors need to be programmed?

There are many universal TPMS sensors that can be used on Mercedes-Benz. These are known as cloneable sensors. Typically these sensors require programming but there are some units such as multi-fit Universal Programmable System Kit that doesn’t require factory relearn process.

Why is my tire light on but tires are full?

When the air pressure in your tires falls below the proper temperature, an indicator light will flash in your dashboard. However, there are a number of situations in which the TPMS light may be on but your tires don’t need to be changed or maintained. When this happens and all of your tires appear normal.