How do you say as needed basis?

How do you say as needed basis?

Instead, use “as needed,” “when needed,” or “when necessary.” You don’t need to use “basis” when saying/writing something like “This information is classified and I’ll only give it to you when necessary.”

What does as a basis mean?

AS IS BASIS means the transfer on an AS IS, WHERE IS BASIS, without recourse or warranty, express or implied of any kind whatsoever, of the interest in the Equipment. Sample 2.

What is as needed means?

Definitions of as needed. adverb. according to need (physicians use PRN in writing prescriptions) “add water as needed” synonyms: PRN, as required, pro re nata.

How do you use as needed in a sentence?

according to need (physicians use PRN in writing prescriptions). 1 Add charcoal to the grill as needed. 2 Remove soaked parts, wipe and brush as needed. 3 The dish can be halved or quartered as needed.

What does as needed mean in medical terms?

meant to be taken every day. Other medications should be used only when a specific symptom occurs, such. as pain or trouble sleeping. In those cases, the medication instructions will say that it should be taken “as. needed” or “as required”.

How do you describe a basis?

The elements of a basis are called basis vectors. Equivalently, a set B is a basis if its elements are linearly independent and every element of V is a linear combination of elements of B. In other words, a basis is a linearly independent spanning set.

What’s another word for much needed?

What is another word for much needed?

vital critical
necessary crucial
imperative indispensable
important needed
required requisite

When should I use needed?

We can say the past “needed” is correct. However, if this is a fact or something that is true at present, some could end up having a difficult time understanding why “needed”, a past form, is correct. Use “needed”. That could apply to past or present.

When can I use needed?

Needed is the past / past participle of the verb need. you can use it as a verb: she was there when he needed her. After the earthquake, many houses needed to be reconstructed.

What does an as needed prescription mean?

The abbreviation p.r.n. or prn on a prescription means as needed. It stands for the Latin phrase pro re nata, which translates to “as the circumstances arise.”

Why would an as required medicine be prescribed?

Medication with a ‘when required’ dose (PRN) is usually prescribed to treat short term or intermittent medical conditions i.e. it is not to be taken regularly.

What does as needed basis mean?

As needed basis. definition. As needed basis means the frequency of application necessary to minimize visible particulate matter emissions as defined in the control plan. As needed basis means, as of the time of employment, being employed during periods of limited duration, as may be required from time to time. As needed basis.

What does as needed mean?

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What is another word for “as needed”?

as needed. Need synonyms for as needed? Here’s a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Conjunction. If necessary. if necessary. as required. if need be. if required.

Is as needed basis hyphenated?

The first expression should be “on an as-needed basis”–note the hyphen between “as” and “needed.” This is necessary because the two words are joined to form a single adjective, modifying the noun, “basis.” So we can write, “We will get more donuts on an as-needed basis.” But we would do far better to purge the word “basis” and write (or say),