How do you say please reply in French?

How do you say please reply in French?

Units in the vicinity, please respond. Unités à proximité, répondez s’il vous plaît.

Is response feminine in French?

From the feminine of répons, or from Old French response, from respons (also the past participle of respondre), a semi-learned word from Latin respōnsum. Cf. the verb répondre.

What is Monsieur translation?


From To Via
• monsieur → gentleman ↔ meneer
• monsieur → sir ↔ meneer
• monsieur → gentleman ↔ Herr

What is ca va?

Ça va, which is pronounced like “sah vah,” is a common phrase heard in day-to-day French speech. Ça va literally translates to “it goes,” but it is used in a variety of situations. The most common way you’ll hear ça va is when it is used to ask someone how they’re doing as a shortened version of comment ça va?

How do you reply to Ca va?

As with English, French people tend to reply to Ça va? with a positive response – Bien, or Bien, merci – much the same way as we would use fine in English. The following responses are polite enough for a new acquaintance, but general enough for a good friend, too: Très bien, merci. Very well, thank you.

Is it response or respond?

“Respond” is the verb and “response” is the noun. You respond by sending a response. “Response” is a noun: “His repsonse was….”. “Respond” is a verb: “He will respond to your question…..”.

What’s another word for response?

Some common synonyms of response are answer, rejoinder, reply, and retort. While all these words mean “something spoken, written, or done in return,” response may imply a quick or spontaneous reaction to a person or thing that serves as a stimulus.

What is the English of Bonne nuit?

Good night
Translation of bonne nuit – French–English dictionary Good night, everyone – I’m going to bed.

Are you OK in French?

“are you OK?” in French est-ce que ça va?