How do you tell if a red eared slider is a boy or girl?

How do you tell if a red eared slider is a boy or girl?

Looking at a red-eared slider’s tail is another way to determine its gender. Males have long, thick tails that stick out quite a bit from their shell. Females have shorter, thinner tails that are less noticeable. When looking at male vs female red-eared turtles, the slider with the thicker tail is likely to be a male.

Can 2 male red eared sliders live together?

Two males could live together in a 75-gallon tank, but two females will need a 125-gallon tank as a minimum. Each additional male will need an extra 35 to 40 gallons and each additional female will need an extra 60 to 65 gallons.

Do red eared sliders like to be held?

As much as you want to, don’t play with your turtle as you would a pet cat or other animal. Turtles generally do not like touched or held. This causes lots of stress and anxiety. If you do need to pick up your baby red-eared slider, do it by scooping it so that it is sitting on your hand.

How old is a 5 inch red-eared slider?

A baby red-eared slider can start its first year in a 30-gallon tank. As it grows into a juvenile turtle (measuring around 6 cm), it will need at least a 55-gallon tank….How Big Do Red-Eared Sliders Get In Captivity?

Lifestage Age Size In Diameter
Baby Red-Eared Sliders 3 months 1 inch
Juvenile RES 1-4 years 4.5-5 inches
Adult RES 5 years+ 8-12 inches

How big is a 2 year old turtle?

When born, a Red-eared slider turtle’s shell is not an inch bigger than a thumbnail. But by the second birthday, the carapace will have grown by at least 4 inches. And by the age of 4, the carapace will be anywhere between 6-8 inches long.

How old is the oldest Red Eared Slider?

37 years, 9 months
Mike Conley was about 8 years old when his parents bought him a 49-cent drugstore turtle. Forty years later, Tiger could be the world’s oldest Red-eared Slider. The record had been 37 years, 9 months and 10 days, said Joseph Collins, herpetologist emeritus at the Kansas University Natural History Museum.

Do red-eared sliders bite?

Red Eared Sliders bite, and the bite can be quite painful. But it’s highly unlikely because these reptiles don’t bite “just because.” Instead, these reptiles bite if you push them too hard. Thankfully, you can prevent this behavior.

How to determine the gender of red eared slider turtles?

Length of the claws

  • Length and shape of the tail
  • Shape of the shell
  • Size of the turtle
  • Color of the turtle
  • Position of the cloaca
  • What is the life expectancy of a red eared slider?

    The average red-eared slider lifespan is around 20 years with proper care. There are some exceptions. These turtles are said to live well into their 60s and 70s in the wild, but there isn’t any evidence of that long lifespan being found in captivity.

    What fish can live with red eared slider turtles?

    So, here’s the summary of what fish can live with red eared slider turtles- You can keep zebra and tetra fish with the red eared sliders at ease. They will be the best tank mate for the slow-mover. Also, you can introduce the yellow cichlids and koi fishes later with the turtles.

    What is the range of a red eared slider?

    Their natural range is from Indiana to the north, New Mexico to the west, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, though sliders have been introduced into the wild well beyond this range. Cared for properly, red-eared sliders can live a long and healthy life, surviving in captivity sometimes to 30 years.