How do you use a bidet with a remote?

How do you use a bidet with a remote?

When you’re ready to use the bidet function on the bidet toilet seat, simply press the Wash button on the remote control or panel (likely mounted on the wall or attached to the seat). The spray nozzle will extend beneath you.

Which Toto washlet has auto flush?

TOTO’s new auto-flush feature is available on the Aimes, Legato, Nexus (1.28 gpf and 1.0 gpf) and Aquia IV Dual Flush WASHLET+ One-Piece Toilets.

What is the difference between Toto S550e and S500e?

The TOTO S550e and TOTO S500e come from one of the best known bidet toilet seat manufacturers in the world. Note: The only difference between the S550e and S500e models – is that the S550e has a night light, and automatic open/close seat and lid. Other than these two differences, the washlets are exactly the same.

What is the difference between a washlet and a bidet?

Bidets are separate fixtures typically installed next to the toilet, with a standard faucet; washlets are seats that fit on top of a toilet bowl and often have several cleaning options and other features. They help keep your toilet in top working order, thanks to the no-toilet-paper factor (no paper = no clogs!).

Why does my Toto Washlet smell?

Bidets can smell bad due to several reasons including evaporated urine (when the dryer and other warm components heat the urine), plumbing issues, damaged seals or missing p-traps, problems with the deodorizers, or electrical issues.

Do you wipe after using a bidet?

Technically, you don’t need to wipe at all after using a bidet. You can sit and air-dry for a moment. Or, if you have a fancier bidet model, use the dedicated air-drying function, which is similar to a warm hair dryer for your backside (again, those models tend to be pricier).

How does a woman use a bidet?

Straddle the bidet, facing towards the controls. Once positioned on the bidet, move the controls until you achieve the water temperature you like. Turn the water on and allow the water to wash over your genitals and bottom. After cleaning with the bidet, wipe yourself dry with toilet paper.

Can you use a plunger on a Toto toilet?

Using a Plunger Follow the same process of unclogging a Toto toilet using dish detergent and hot water. 2. After flushing the solution, vigorously plunge the toilet drain to force the clog out with air pressure.

Can toto auto flush be turned off?

The auto flush can be set to 5, 10, or 15 seconds. So unfortunately, this does not solve the problem for you. The only solution at this time is to disable one or both of these auto features.

What is the difference between Toto S350e and S550e?

The only real difference between these seats is that the S350e only comes in a round toilet seat option, while the S550e is only available in an elongated seat option. On the other hand, the S550e is made specifically for those with elongated seats.

What is the difference between Toto Washlets?

The only differences here is that the S350e’s come with two additional features, the Auto Open/Close Lid, and night light. The popular TOTO G400 is a complete toilet installation that comes with the S350e. They are being phased out by the S500e and the S550e.

How do I use the remote control toilet seat?

When using the toilet seat The toilet lid closes (After about 90 seconds) The toilet lid opens When standing and using The toilet lid opens Open the toilet seat with the remote control. Lights up in high mode Lighting up the inside of the bathroom with a soft light Soft light*3 Lights up in middle mode Lights up in middle mode

What is the Toto IoT Bidet seat Washlet?

Please Contact Your TOTO Sales Representative for IoT Pricing and Product Availability. Ecology-minded luxury in a slim design, this bidet seat WASHLET features the technologically advanced ewater+ system, which mists and cleans the bowl water after every use (see Smartfact below).

What are the Energy Saver features of the toilet seat?

Energy Saver FeaturesType “Auto energy saver”, “Auto energy saver+” or “Timer energy saver” can be selected. To save energy, the temperature of the toilet seat becomes low (or “OFF”).

How do you activate the toilet seat switch?

●There is clearance between the toilet seat cushion and the bowl unit for activating the seat switch. When you sit on the toilet seat, the toilet seat subsides slightly to activate the seat switch. ●Are the bolts that anchor the main unit loose? Remove the main unit and then firmly tighten the base plate bolts. 11 38,39