How do you write a first paragraph of a compare and contrast essay?

How do you write a first paragraph of a compare and contrast essay?

Introduction: Introduce the general topic, then introduce the two specific topics. End with your thesis, which addresses what is going to be covered in the essay. Body paragraph 1: Begins with the topic sentence for topic 1. For example: Cats are easier to maintain and less expensive to care for than dogs.

What word is similar to juxtaposition?

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Is Bittersweet a juxtaposition?

The word “bittersweet” is not an example of antithesis; however, it is a great example of oxymoron. An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contrasting terms for effect. So, because the separate terms “bitter” and “sweet” contrast each other, their combination creates an oxymoron.

What is the difference between juxtaposition and oxymoron?

2 Answers. Juxtaposition is a term for the placement of two things close together for simultaneous examination (and contrasting effect). Oxymoron relies on the juxtaposition of two words that have conflicting meanings that would normally negate each other Jumbo shrimp was an excellent example of this.

Is pure evil an oxymoron?

That’s why we have “pure good” or “pure evil”, it’s a modifier and not a direct statement of alignment. Purity is not the same word but can be applied as a modifier in the same way. It is usually considered with a good connotation due to the idea of supposed goodness in everyone.

Is Jumbo Shrimp a juxtaposition?

Juxtaposition: The waitress serves a small appetizer of shrimp cocktail alongside a huge appetizer of jumbo shrimp, fried and dipped in three different sauces.