How do you write a reflection in ePortfolio?

How do you write a reflection in ePortfolio?

When writing reflective notes in e-Portfolios, the AoMRC recommends to word the notes in terms of the following:

  1. A brief description: what are you reflecting on?
  2. Feelings: what were your reactions or feelings to the event in general?
  3. Evaluation: what was the outcome?
  4. Analysis: what have you learnt?

How do you write a good medical reflection?

How to Write a Reflection

  1. Say why you did it.
  2. Say what the outcome was.
  3. Say what you thought about the project.
  4. Say what you are going to do next – and maybe put that in your PDP.

What should I write in ePortfolio?

What should you put in your e-portfolio?

  1. Two paragraphs on your career goals and objectives.
  2. PDF or HTML versions of your résumé
  3. Contact information.
  4. At least two artifacts with descriptions that showcase your skills.
  5. Personal photograph.
  6. Information about awards and honors received.

How do I present my ePortfolio?

In conclusion, there are 6 steps to remember for all scenarios:

  1. Introduce the project and why you’re including it.
  2. Explain the creative brief and who the client is.
  3. Tell them what your role was.
  4. Tell them what the results were.
  5. Pay attention to your audience, whether in person or on the phone and present accordingly.

What is the example of reflection?

Reflection is the change in direction of a wavefront at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. Common examples include the reflection of light, sound and water waves.

How do you write a reflection in a case study?

Writing a Case Study Analysis

  1. Read and Examine the Case Thoroughly. Take notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key problems.
  2. Focus Your Analysis. Identify two to five key problems.
  3. Uncover Possible Solutions/Changes Needed.
  4. Select the Best Solution.

What are the examples of ePortfolio?

Examples of student ePortfolios

  • Returning to CTE. Examines the skills developed and benefits of returning to CTE over three work terms. (
  • First Co-op Experience.
  • Workplace Environment.
  • Working with Data.
  • Problem Solving.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Skill Development.
  • Mental Health.

How do you write a student portfolio examples?

What to Include in a Student Portfolio

  1. samples of work from key learning areas – keep it simple.
  2. writing samples including plans and draft copies.
  3. open-ended tasks such as Mathematics Investigations.
  4. student self-reflection.
  5. photographs to capture positive learning experiences such as group work.
  6. goals and targets.

How do I share my online portfolio?

4 Awesome (and Free!) Portfolio Sites for Sharing Your Design Work

  1. Behance. Since its inception in 2006, Behance has grown into a design mecca, and today it’s one of the best places to showcase your design portfolio online.
  2. Dribbble.
  3. Coroflot.
  4. Crevado.

What statement about an ePortfolio is most accurate?

Which statement is most accurate regarding e-portfolios? E-portfolios are generally accessed through websites. What is the best advice for preparing a cover message for a solicited job? Refer to the name of an employee in the company.