How do you write argumentative arguments?

How do you write argumentative arguments?

These steps will help you get your point across clearly and concisely:

  1. Turn the topic into a question and answer it. Set up a big question in the title of your essay or within the first few sentences.
  2. State an argument—and then refute it.
  3. Briefly outline your main points.

Can I use grammar?

Can is used to ask for / request permission or to give permission. Note: Can’t is used to refuse permission. You can use my umbrella, I don’t need it right now.

Can grammar rules?

Auxiliary verb can (positive) – can’t (negative) use Use ‘can’ to talk about possibility. Always use can with another verb. I can = I know to do something. / I know that something is possible for me. Future: Use can if you are deciding now what to do in the future.

Should you use advice in a sentence?

should for advice, opinions

  • You should see the new James Bond movie. It’s great!
  • You should try to lose weight.
  • John should get a haircut.
  • He shouldn’t smoke.
  • What should I wear?
  • They should make that illegal.
  • There should be a law against that.
  • People should worry more about global warming.

Can we express past ability?

“Could” is a modal verb used to express possibility or past ability as well as to make suggestions and requests. “Could” is also commonly used in conditional sentences as the conditional form of “can.” Examples: Extreme rain could cause the river to flood the city.

What is a good thesis statement for the giver?

For example, here is a thesis statement I might write for The Giver: The Giver shows that depriving people of memory is a way of dehumanizing and endangering them. That gives me two points to make in my essay, one on dehumanizing people and other on endangering them.

Was able to in a sentence?

I was able to persuade her to volunteer at the show. I managed to persuade her to volunteer at the show. Now let’s talk more about the meanings. “Was (or) were able to” and “managed to” both suggest effort.

How do you talk about your abilities?

We can use could to talk about general ability that existed in the past. Be able to can also be used. She could read when she was three….We can use can to talk about general ability.

  1. I can knit.
  2. I can sing.
  3. I can dance.
  4. I can play.
  5. I can run.

Can sentences examples ability?

We use can and can’t to talk about someone’s skill or general abilities: She can speak several languages. He can swim like a fish. She could speak several languages.