How does a Mallory Unilite distributor work?

How does a Mallory Unilite distributor work?

The Mallory Unilite distributor uses an infrared light lens and a sensor between which a wheel with tangs, called shutters, passes. When the shutter passes, and the signal is restored, the coil is fired discharging its voltage through the plug wires.

Who owns Mallory ignition?

As of 2015 MSD has purchased the ACCEL performance group that Mallory was a part of and now all Mallory Ignition products are being merged with MSD. All future Mallory service parts and ignition products are now being manufactured by a joint ownership of MSD and Mallory Ignition.

Does a Mallory Unilite distributor need a ballast resistor?

When using the Mallory unilite distributor part #(4768901) and if your using with a coil that has less than 1.2 ohms than you DO need a ballast resister. If your using one thats over 1.2 ohms than you don’t need one.

What coil should I use for a Mallory Unilite distributor?

The UNILITE® Ignition system works with most stock ignition coils and aftermarket high performance ignition coils. For optimum performance, use a Mallory PROMASTER® Coil Part No 29440 or 29625, or Mallory Chrome Electronic Ignition Coil Part No. 29216.

Who makes Mallory distributor?

Mallory Ignition is one of the five premier brands of the Prestolite Performance Group. All brands insure quality, reliability and value for all of your performance and custom needs.

How do you set up a Mallory Unilite distributor?

Remove the distributor cap from the UNILITE® Distributor. Place the UNILITE® Distributor in the engine. Rotate the UNILITE® Distributor housing in the opposite direction of rotor rotation until the nearest slot on the rotor’s shutter wheel is aligned with the optical eye of the UNILITE® Module.

Does a Mallory coil need a ballast resistor?

Coils are 12 volts; however, they do have different amounts of primary resistance, which is measured in Ohms. You can still use a coil with less than 1.4 Ohms, but you must install a Ballast Resistor (Mallory #700) between the coil and the distributor, install on Red wire coming out of the Unilite distributor.

How do you adjust the mechanical advance on Mallory distributor?

To adjust the advance limit on these assemblies, DO NOT BEND ADVANCE TAB. Rather, loosen the two screws and rotate the advance plate to adjust limit. Re-tighten the screws after adjustment. The amount of advance can be adjust- ed from 0° to 28°.