How does ethnicity affect educational achievement sociology?

How does ethnicity affect educational achievement sociology?

Differential educational achievement by ethnicity refers to the fact that pupils from some ethnic backgrounds perform better in school than others. Black pupils statistically underperform in school while pupils of Indian or Chinese heritage often “over-perform”.

Why does ethnicity affect educational attainment?

Ethnic groups to some extent do have their own subcultures, own norms and values. The value placed on education by parents and pupil motivation can effect attainment. For example, black students are more motivated and committed to education then white students of the same gender and age.

How do cultural factors affect educational achievement?

Cultural factors are things like values, attitudes, languages etc. If a child is in a social group deprived of these factors he could underachieve. Douglas said the most important factor affecting a childs attainment was parental interest in the child’s education.

What is the role of ethnicity in education?

Evaluation of the role of cultural factors in explaining differences in achievement by ethnicity. Family background helps explain Indian performance in education because this makes up for the greater level of poverty experienced compared to whites. Cultural barriers for AC boys are greater than for AC girls.

What is the main factor of ethnicity influencing children’s education?

There are many factors as to why some ethnicities do better than others. Ethnicity can have a major affect on your achievement but other things like- social class, gender and location can also play a part in how well you do. Success or failure can be influenced by what happens within the school and classroom.

How does social class affect education sociology?

In all social groups class plays a major role in the attainment of children in education. At all age groups in the education system it is apparent that working class children achieve lower attainment than children from a middle class background.

Why do ethnic minorities underachieve in education sociology?

Why do ethnic minorities underachieve in education? Ethnic backgrounds that are less successful in education – Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Blacks – have a higher percentage of pupils from working class backgrounds. So their ethnicity affects their class and their class affects their ability to achieve in education.

What is achievement in sociology?

Definition of Achievement (noun) Attaining status through competition (e.g., free market or standardized examination) by personal effort and accomplishment.

What is the relationship between social class and educational achievement?

“Educational achievement” is the tendency for some groups to do better or worse in terms of educational success. Research reveals that the higher the social class, the higher the levels of educational achievement are likely to be.

Which ethnicities perform the best in education?

Most Ethnic Minorities Perform Better At School Than White Children, New Government Report Claims. All ethnic minority groups apart from Black Caribbeans perform better than white pupils at school, according to a government-commissioned report which said the UK was not “institutionally racist”.

What does race mean in sociology?

Race is a human classification system that is socially constructed to distinguish between groups of people who share phenotypical characteristics.

What is academic achievement education?

What is Academic Achievement? In a general sense, academic achievement is the current level of a student’s learning. More specifically, for the purposes of ESSA accountability, academic achievement refers to the percentage of students at a school whose learning currently meets or exceeds their grade-level standards.

What is differential educational achievement by ethnicity?

Differential educational achievement by ethnicity refers to the fact that pupils from some ethnic backgrounds perform better in school than others.

Why are some ethnic groups more successful in education than others?

It is suggested that the differential educational achievements of different ethnic groups may be explained partly by a range of cultural factors operative for some ethnic groups so that some ethnic groups are more successful than others in overcoming the effects of material deprivation.

Where can I find statistics on educational achievement by ethnicity?

The Department for Education makes it very easy to access statistics on educational achievement. Below I summarise some of the recent trends in educational achievement in England and Wales by ethnicity and offer some commentary on what I think needs explaining, and some thoughts on the limitations of these statistics

How does ethnicity affect GCSEs?

If we look at GCSE results by free school meal eligibility (roughly the poorest sixth of children) we see that ethnicity still has an independent effect on achievement – the pattern is broadly the same as in the chart above, but with the following two differences: