How does SAP BW calculate currency conversion?

How does SAP BW calculate currency conversion?

Steps for currency conversion in the data load- Give a description, go to the Exchange rate tab and give the exchange rate type. (Exchange rate types are standard exchange rates available in the SAP system. You can see the exchange rate types and their conversion factors in the TCURR table.

How do you convert currency in SAP?


How do you convert currency in BEx query?

Currency Translation can be performed in the BEx Analyzer by selecting the Query Properties in the context menu for the key figure. In Query properties select the currency conversion tab. On selecting Display Original Currency all the currency conversions will be disabled.

How do you convert currency in SAP HANA?

How to perform Currency Conversion in SAP HANA

  1. Create an Analytical view.
  2. Enter “AN_TEST” for the name of the view.
  3. Select Table and click finish.
  4. Select the measures and attributes to be included in the analytical view.
  5. Now, Right click on Calculated Measures and choose New.
  6. Create the Calculated Measure, “Profit”.

What is the key determination for currency translations?

Definition. Definition as to how the exchange rate is determined during currency translation (such as historical or spot rate exchange rates). The currency translation key also determines the output currency for the currency translation into the group currency.

How do you create a currency translation type?

You are in the BW Modeling tools. Choose Currency Translation Type in the context menu of your InfoArea. Note The currency translation types are always assigned to infoArea 0BW4_GLOBAL, even if you create them on a different InfoArea. Enter a technical name and a description for the currency translation type.

How do you convert a balance from one currency to another in SAP ABAP?

We can Use the Following Function Module to convert from one Currency vale to other In following function module we need to pass Foreign currency, Local Currency type_rate:Type of rate M=Average rate G=Bank buying rate B=bank selling rate We Get Exchange rate for that day, foreign factor, Local factor.

What are the currency conversion functionalities supported by SAP HANA?

Talking about some of software for currency conversion, SAP BPC provides currency conversion functionality using RATE application, SAP Integrated Planning (IP) provides standard function for currency conversion, SAP BW provides currency conversion functionality at transformation and reporting level.

Which CE function is used to perform currency conversion?

The SQLScript function CONVERT_CURRENCY is used to perform the currency conversion. The parameters of this function are shown below. The Reference column indicates whether the parameter can refer to a column in the data table or whether a fixed constant must be specified.

What is foreign currency translation in SAP?

The translation is made from the local currency to the group currency. By making the necessary settings in Customizing, you can, however, translate the transaction currency to the group currency. You can group accounts into item groups that you translate using various translation methods .

What is the difference between conversion and translation?

As verbs the difference between translate and convert is that translate is (label) to change text (as of a book, document, movie) from one language to another while convert is (lb) to transform or change (something) into another form, substance, state, or product.

How do you create an exchange rate for a variable?


  1. Open the Query Designer.
  2. Create a new query for the Exchange Rate Type(0RTYPE), Currency Key (0CURRENCY) or Date (0DATE) InfoObject, depending on which variable you require.
  3. In the context menu of the InfoObject, choose New Variable.
  4. Enter a description for the variable.

What is the use of currency translation in SAP bi?

Currency Translation in SAP BI – Step by step Guide. Currency translation allows you to translate key figures with currency field that are present at the InfoProvider level with different currencies to a specific currency on the fly while executing the report.

How to define currency for conversion in SAP?

You define currency on which conversion is to be based. This source currency can be derived either from the data records -or- KF/Specified IO While extraction with BI content, all the KFs are transferred with correctly filed unit field. This must the same for Data sources in SAP ERP or when other source systems are used.

Is it possible to convert KFS to different currencies?

Then currency is stored for each KFs in a respective currency field and is available to data record for the conversion Sometimes, there might not be an indication of currency. So, conversion is not possible. Possibility 1: Deduce the source currency from a certain characteristic value. Example: In the country DE the source currency is always EUR.

How to get the source currency of data in SAP?

This source currency can be derived either from the data records -or- KF/Specified IO While extraction with BI content, all the KFs are transferred with correctly filed unit field. This must the same for Data sources in SAP ERP or when other source systems are used.