How does Tara Donovan make her work?

How does Tara Donovan make her work?

Tara Donovan is a contemporary American artist best known for her site-specific installations. Employing disposable materials such as Scotch tape, toothpicks, drinking straws, and Styrofoam cups, she creates forms resembling biological masses.

What materials did Tara Donovan use?

A true refreshment to her contemporary scene that seemed to be stagnating a bit, Donovan’s work used everyday manufactured materials such as scotch tape, styrofoam cups, toothpicks and drinking straws to create large scale sculptures that often had a biomorphic quality.

What inspired Tara Donovan?

My early inspirations were Eva Hesse, Richard Serra, Jackie Winsor – obviously for all different reasons, but also for common ideas that dealt with process. I also now align myself with artist of the Light and Space movement and feel like I fit somewhere in between. It’s a constellation of inspirations.

Where is Tara Donovan from?

Flushing, New York, NYTara Donovan / Place of birth

Who is Tara Donovan your answer?

Tara Donovan (born 1969 in Flushing, Queens, in New York City) is an American sculptor who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her large-scale installations, sculptures, drawings, and prints utilize everyday objects to explore the transformative effects of accumulation and aggregation.

Where does Tara Donovan live now?

Brooklyn, NY
In 2008, Donovan was granted a fellowship by the MacArthur Foundation, whose awards are often called “genius grants.” She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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