How does Telemachus act when he sees Athena as Mentes and what is the cultural meaning of bringing in a guest?

How does Telemachus act when he sees Athena as Mentes and what is the cultural meaning of bringing in a guest?

Penelope has a bunch of suitors waiting for her. How does Telemachus act when he sees Athena as Mentes, and what is the cultural meaning of brining in a guest? He feels he needs to take charge of the household and take care of his mother and the suitors.

What is going on when Athena and Telemachus arrive at Pylos in Nestor’s place?

What was happening when Telemachus arrived in Pylos? A sacrifice to Poseidon of dozens of bulls is taking place. (This is an example of piety and reverence to the gods.) You just studied 35 terms!

What did Telemachus learn from Athena?

Athena tells Telemachus that he might hear news of his father, Odysseus. If he doesn’t hear that Odysseus is still alive, Telemachus will know it is time to hold a funeral and assert his status as master of Odysseus’s house and property. When he returns to Ithaca, he is ready to help Odysseus defeat the suitors.

What is the main theme in The Odyssey?

In this epic poem, there are three major themes: hospitality, loyalty, and vengeance.

What does Telemachus learn from Nestor about Athena’s actions at the end of the war?

Through these experiences in Pylos and with Athena’s guidance, Telemachus learns how to comport himself as the son and heir to a great king. Nestor talks of the old days and significantly elaborates on the story of Agamemnon’s murder.

Why does Telemachus think that Odysseus is a god?

Why does Telemachus think Odysseus is a god at first? He believes it is the ghost of his father. He believes Odysseus is a god because he changed from a beggar to a handsome man. He believes Odysseus is a god because he has powers that the average man does not.

What does Telemachus learn about himself?

3-5) What does Telemachus learn about himself? about the meaning of being a son? about the treatment of guests? about sacrifices to the gods? He learns how to act as a leader. He learns how he should act. He learns of Xenia (hospitality).

What does Nestor do to honor Athena?

Nestor expresses this devotion through sacrificial feasts. Before the prince leaves with Pisistratus for Sparta, Nestor holds another sacrificial feast in honor of Athena, whom, he realizes, has honored him with a visit.

Why is it so important that Telemachus meets Nestor and pisistratus?

He knew since Nestor and Odysseus had a good background he would tell him the whole truth to his best extant. 3-3) Why is it important for Telemachus to meet Pisistratus? He is the Son of nestor, He see’s how another son is conducting himself, Telemachus never had this peer leadership. He learns how to act as a leader.

What is Odysseus dog’s name?

Argos is the name of Odysseus’ faithful dog in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. When Odysseus returns home to Ithaca in disguise, Argos (now much older than when his owner left him) is the only one in the household who recognizes him immediately.

Where can I find more information about Athena?

Homer’s “ Odyssey ” is an invaluable source for Athena and her deeds. If you want something briefer, read “The Homeric Hymns to Athena” ( 11 and 28 ). In Hesiod’s “ Theogony ” you can find the story of her birth.

Who is Athena in the Odyssey?

Majestic and stern, Athena surpassed everybody in both of her main domains. In fact, even Ares feared her; and all Greek heroes asked her for help and advice.

What are some epithets for Athena?

Athena was one of the most important Olympian gods and she had many functions. Unsurprisingly, she was known under many different epithets. Some of the most famous were “Virgin,” “ Pallas ,” “The Unwearying One,” “The One of the City,” “The One with gleaming eyes” and “The One who fights in front.”

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