How far can you shoot a moose with a bow?

How far can you shoot a moose with a bow?

20-30 yards
20-30 yards is ideal. You have to use all your smarts for this type of Bow Hunting; although moose have very poor eyesight they more than make up for it with sense of smell and hearing.

Where do you shoot a moose in archery?

Ideally a broadside shot thought the heart which is also through both lungs. Use the rule of thirds for a broadside shot. Line up the back edge of the front leg and visualize the body in thirds. Aim up from the chest on quarter to one third the total chest thickness (height) and you will be on the mark.

Can you take down a moose with a bow and arrow?

An arrow from a modern compound bow will pass completely through the animal, and multiple razor edges of the head do massive damage to tissue, organs and blood vessels. Upon being shot, the animal will almost always jump or flinch in shock and then scramble off.

Can you kill a moose with a recurve bow?

Shannon Kuzik killed a nice bull moose with a 41# recurve and a 500 grain arrow. It was 145 fps with 500 grains. I am sure that a 700 grain arrow at 135 fps would easily do the job on a moose. 700 grains at that speed will punch through ribs easily within 25 yards.

How far are most moose shots?

If I had to guess the average range I would say its somewhere between 150-200 yards average with the shortest around 15 yards and the furthest just over 400 yards.

What is the best place to shoot a moose?

heart-lung vital zone
There are several vital zones in game animals but the heart-lung vital zone is the recommended shot placement for a humane and quick kill. For example, in moose, the heart-lung vital area is about the size of a basketball and is the largest vital zone.

How far can a 50lb bow shoot?

So 50 yards at 50 lbs is fine for a deer with good shot placement. Go for it if you are confident you can hit a pie plate consistently from those distances.

Can you tag a massive moose with a traditional bow?

While I enjoy shooting all types of bows, my No. 1 dream/goal would be to tag a massive moose with a traditional bow, just like the guy in the video below. I own two traditional bows. The first was a 50-pound-draw one-piece Bear recurve that my dad gave me for my birthday when I was 12.

What is the world record for a moose shot?

The video was posted on YouTube on April 5, 2011 and was titled “World Record Moose.” That claim is confirmed by the Pope and Young Club: The bull scores 249 1/8 inches. You have to give credit to the Rackman for having nerves of steel on this shot. How close would you let a huge rutting bull moose get?

What kind of Bow does the Hunter carry in the video?

The hunter is carrying a custom recurve from Black Widow Bows, a company that’s been in the business of crafting fine shooting sticks for more than 60 years. Click here to see a behind-the-scenes video that shows the process of building one of their high-performance traditional bows.