How fast is a Suzuki Bandit 650?

How fast is a Suzuki Bandit 650?

130 mph

Top speed & performance
Max torque 45 ft-lb
Top speed 130 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 12.2 secs
Tank range 145 miles

Is the bandit 650 fuel injected?

The GSF650 and GSF1250 models use fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engines, the GSF1250 having an auxiliary balance shaft to reduce vibrations. ‘S’ versions have a half-fairing, and starting from model year 2000, they also have dual headlights. ‘N’ versions are unfaired naked bikes with a single headlight.

How much does a Suzuki Bandit 650 weight?

Suzuki GSF 650S Bandit

Make Model Suzuki GSF 650S Bandit
Dry Weight 204 kg / 450 lbs
Fuel Capacity 20 Litres / 5.3 US gal / 4.4 Imp gal
Consumption Average 4.8 L/100 km / 20.9 km/l / 49.2 US mpg / 59.0 Imp mpg
Standing ¼ Mile 12.5 sec

Is the Suzuki Bandit fuel Injected?

The standard Bandit 1250 model has a liquid-cooled, fuel injected, DOHC engine featuring a bore and stroke of 79.0mm x 64.0mm.

What is the top speed of a Suzuki Bandit 1200?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 67 ft-lb
Top speed 145 mph
1/4 mile acceleration 11.3 secs
Tank range 130 miles

How fast is Suzuki sv650?

Suzuki SV650 Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain:
Ground Clearance: 5.3 in.(135 mm)
Seat Height: 30.9 in.(785 mm)
Fuel Capacity: 3.8 US gal (14.5 L) / 3.6 US gal (13.8 L) CA model
Top Speed: 124 mph (est)

What replaced the Suzuki Bandit?

The Bandit was missing from Suzuki’s catalogue at the Milan motorcycle show along with the SV650S. However, Suzuki says the SV will continue to be sold in the UK alongside the SVF650, which uses the same V-twin engine.

What year is mk1 bandit?

The original model lasted from 1995-1999.

What year did Suzuki Bandit get fuel injection?

Not the most sophisticated, the Bandit 1200’s lump had always been carbed and air/oil-cooled with fuel-injection only arriving alongside the water-cooled engine in 2006.

How heavy is a Suzuki Bandit 600?

Suzuki GSF 600S Bandit

Make Model Suzuki GSF 600S Bandit
Seat Height 800 mm / 31.5 in
Dry Weight 196 kg / 432 lbs
Wet Weight 218 kg / 4481 lbs
Fuel Capacity 19 Litres / 5.2 US gal / 4.3 Imp gal

Is the Suzuki Bandit a good bike?

Suzuki GSF600 Bandit Bike Overview The Suzuki GSF600 Bandit was the first bike in its class: that of budget middleweight road bikes. It’s the ideal starter bike for anyone wanting to get used to a 600cc engine and with sleek looks, a great sound and a fast engine, you really can’t go wrong.

Is the Suzuki Bandit fast?

Fast Freddy a stock 1200 bandit can run low 11’s in the 1/4 at sea level with a good lightweight rider. with 496 rwhp in a dig race i think you will get beat but if you race him from a 50 roll to 150 mph i think you can hang with him though.

How does the new Suzuki Bandit 650 feel to sit on?

But like the new Bandit 1250, which also went water-cooled this year, the 650 gets away with it. As you would expect the new 650 feels identical to last year’s Bandit to sit on. Although it does come with an adjustable seat (which, incidentally, Suzuki recommends you get a dealer to adjust for you…

What kind of engine does the Suzuki GSF650 Bandit have?

The Suzuki GSF650 Bandit’s engine evolved in 2007 into a 650 with ever stricter emissions laws putting pay to the old GSX-R600-derived air/oil-cooled motor and gaining more torque and a touch more power at 84bhp.

Is the Bandit 650 a good value for money?

The Bandit 650 has always been great value for money, and you can pick up used examples in great condition for under £3000 if you shop around. Not all of them are in great condition, mind, so make sure you’re careful. There is a hell of a lot of motorcycle for the money.

Is the Suzuki Bandit 1250 water-cooled?

As it did with the Bandit 1250 Suzuki has hit the nail on the head with the new water-cooled engine. The fuel injection is slightly snatchier than the carbs of the old model, something to be expected really, but the smoothness of the engine still impresses.