How hard is Grandmaster galaxy?

How hard is Grandmaster galaxy?

Grandmaster Galaxy is very hard because you have to be very accurate as many of the platforming sections rely on precise timing. If your parents are yelling at you for dinner, or you got your girlfriend or boyfriend distracting you, it isn’t exactly the best environment to play this challenge.

What happens when you complete Grandmaster galaxy?

It contains two Power Stars: one for completing the level and another one for a second completion under Daredevil Comet conditions. In the latter case, the player gets the Star from Rosalina….

Grandmaster Galaxy
Galaxy icon A giant gleaming trophy with a Power Star in the middle of it

Where is the comet medal in Yoshi star galaxy?

Comet Medal locations

World 1
Galaxy Comet Medal Location
Yoshi Star Galaxy On a small green hill in the area where the player first obtains Yoshi. It opens Spiny Rainbow Romp.
Spin-Dig Galaxy Next to the right-most pillar on the Drill Zone Planet. It opens Digga-Leg’s Daredevil Run.

How do you get the comet medal in Fluffy Bluff galaxy?

Your goal is to collect the tiny pieces of the launch star, but first look for the Comet Medal floating above one of the small points on the planetoid. You can reach the medal by performing a back flip and spinning up to it. Just watch out for the Cosmic Clones!

Where is the comet medal in Flipsville galaxy?

Directly below the teleporter, on the “bottom” side, is a Comet Medal.

What do Comet Medals do in Mario galaxy?

Comet medals are difficult-to-reach items that unlock Prankster Comets in most galaxies. (For those galaxies that don’t have Prankster Comets, it appears that they are only used for getting a “Galaxy Complete” crown.)

What happens when you complete Super Mario Galaxy 2?

(Spoiler alert: Details about Super Mario Galaxy 2 follow.) As you complete levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2, you add to your collection of Power Stars. With only 70 stars, Mario can complete his perennial task of saving the Princess from the Koopa king.

How do you get prankster comets?

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Prankster Comets only appear once the player has collected a Comet Medal in a certain galaxy, as well as a certain number of those from other galaxies (and collected at least four Power Stars from World 3).

How do you unlock the perfect run?

The Perfect Run. Note: This Comet can only be unlocked by collecting 9,999 star bits and depositing them in the Toad Bank. You will not get any notification once the Comet shows up but it will indeed appear once you pay up.

What happens when you 100 percent Mario galaxy?

For Mario Galaxy’s original release, players who 100% completed the game were given photos that went to your Wii message board and you could also send them to friends. But now in the All-Stars package, these photos are sent to your screenshot gallery.

Where can I find a comet medal?

Every galaxy has a comet medal. Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a set pattern to unlocking comets (kudos to Legofan613 for finding this): 4 stars collected in World 3. All non-hidden stars in the galaxy are found. The comet medal in the galaxy is found. All pre-requisites (see below) are completed.

What is the Honeybloom galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

The Honeybloom Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 that can be unlocked after feeding the Hungry Luma 700 Star Bits. This galaxy introduces the Bee Mushroom, which can turn Mario into Bee Mario, allowing him to fly for a short period of time. Most of level takes place on one large cube-shaped planet with a side-scrolling view.

How do you get the comet medal in Bee Mario?

Just like Cloud Mario, Bee Mario doesn’t like the water. You need to weave in and out of the Choppahs to get the Comet Medal that is right out in the open on the path. Fling yourself up the vines and then use the giant grapes and clouds to work your way through.

Where is the Grandmaster Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

The Grandmaster Galaxy is the final galaxy of Super Mario Galaxy 2, located in World S. It is analogous to the Grand Finale Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy because the player must collect all 240 Power Stars (without any Bronze Stars) and Green Stars to unlock it.