How is TriMet funded?

How is TriMet funded?

In 2018, the entire system averaged 310,000 rides per weekday and operates buses and trains between the hours of approximately 5 a.m. and 2 a.m. TriMet’s annual budget for FY 2018 is $525.8 million, with 30% of resources coming from a district-wide payroll tax and 10% from fares.

Does TriMet lose money?

It projects a $135.4 million loss in the next fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. With a sharp drop in ridership from the February 2020 weekly average, nearly 70% at its lowest point, TriMet fare revenue was down by $20 million for fiscal year 2020.

Can you pay cash on TriMet?

You can pay with cash on the bus. When you board, tell the operator whether you want a 2Ā½-Hour Ticket or a Day Pass, for Adult, Honored Citizen or Youth. Insert coins or bills into the farebox (exact change only), then grab your ticket from the printer on your right. Keep this ticket until you have completed your trip.

Is Portland Streetcar part of TriMet?

The Portland Streetcar is a streetcar system in Portland, Oregon, that opened in 2001 and serves areas surrounding downtown Portland. As with the heavier-duty MAX Light Rail network which serves the broader Portland metropolitan area, Portland Streetcars are operated and maintained by TriMet.

What is or TriMet tax?

Taxes that provide operating revenue for TriMet are administered and collected by the Oregon Department of Revenue. Effective January 1, 2021, the tax rate increased to 0.7837% of the wages paid by an employer and the net earnings from self-employment for services performed within the TriMet District boundary.

What is the TriMet rate for 2022?

The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District (Tri-Met) tax rate is to increase to 0.7937%, from 0.7837%, and the Lane County Mass Transit District (LTD) tax rate is to increase to 0.77%, from 0.76%, the department said on its website.

Can you use Apple pay on TriMet?

Phone (Credit/Debit) Tap your phone to pay with a credit/debit card in your mobile wallet using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. You’ll never pay more than a Day Pass ($5) in a day, no matter how many times you tap.

Can you pay with card on TriMet?

TriMet’s farecard is called Hop FastpassĀ® (or Hop for short). You can tap with your phone or contactless credit card to pay the $2.50 Adult fare. Or, if you ride frequently or qualify for reduced fares, get a Hop card.

Is MAX free in downtown Portland?

The area, where MAX light rail and the streetcar will still be free, will be called the Free Rail Zone. The square was created in 1975 to reduce emissions and auto traffic in the downtown area. It also made it difficult to collect fares from bus riders who may board in Fareless Square but continue on beyond the zone.

What is the difference between light rail and streetcar?

And although streetcars often run as single railcars while light rail often runs with trains made up of multiple railcars, there are exceptions to that too. Some might hesitate to call them streetcars. But they both run trains in mixed-traffic with cars, and some of those trains have multiple railcars.

Who pays or TriMet tax?

People who must pay the self-employment tax include: Self-employed individuals, sole proprietors, independent contractors, members of a partnership, and persons who have net self-employment earnings greater than $400 from doing business or providing services within the TriMet District.

How much will TriMet receive in crrsaa funding?

We expect to receive approximately $195 million in CRRSAA funding. The funding has, and will be, used to respond to and recover from the pandemic. TriMet plans to restore more service in the coming year. Currently, our service is about 90% of what it was before COVID-19

What is TriMet doing to improve public safety?

After cutting six Transit Police positions and reallocating $1.8 million rom police contracts and other sources in July 2020, TriMet conducted an extensive community engagement effort on public safety.

Is TriMet ready for increased ridership in the future?

We will be ready for increasing ridership as the region recovers and everyday life returns. Our FY2022 budget provides nearly $58 million more than we estimate spending in our current year budget and sets TriMet, the region and our riders up for a return to pre-pandemic outlooks.

What does TriMet’s FY2022 budget mean for TriMet riders?

Our FY2022 budget provides nearly $58 million more than we estimate spending in our current year budget and sets TriMet, the region and our riders up for a return to pre-pandemic outlooks.