How long can I use the love to dream swaddle up?

How long can I use the love to dream swaddle up?

Use our SWADDLE UP™ from birth until your baby shows signs of trying to roll over. Stage 2 = the Transitional Stage. Use our SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG or SUIT to transition from swaddling to ‘arms-free’ sleep.

When should I try for dream to swaddle?

Can my baby use the LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™ from day one? Yes, this is actually the best time to start. If your baby weighs between 2.2-3.8kg at birth please choose the SWADDLE UP™ in size Newborn. If your baby weighs between 3.5-6kg at birth, please choose the SWADDLE UP™ in size Small.

Is love to dream a swaddle or sleep sack?

Baby’s natural sleep position is with arms UP. Just having her hands near her mouth helps your baby settle and sleep better. Swaddle UP is the only swaddle that lets your baby sleep safely on her back in her preferred natural position, with her arms UP in the patented wings….

Product Dimensions 22″L x 12″W
Pattern Solid

Are love to dream Swaddles good for babies?

Our garments are suitable for newborns, babies, toddlers and children up to 4 years of age. Soft, warm and durable, Love To Dream™ swaddles are certified as ‘Hip-Healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Can you breastfeed in love to dream swaddle?

Babies who prefer a more secure swaddle will likely not sleep well with this swaddle. (It is possible to nurse while the baby is swaddled in the Swaddle Up, since the baby still has some ability to move his/her arms, but it’s no ideal.)

Is the love to dream swaddle safe for arms?

Love to Dream Swaddle UP allows your baby to sleep in the most natural position – arms up, on the back, legs and hips free to move – for a safe night’s sleep every night. The zip is also neatly covered up, so it doesn’t rub against the baby.

Are swaddles with arms up safe?

The Swaddle Sack is safer than products that fully restrain baby’s arms. With the Swaddle Sack, if baby rolls from back to stomach, then baby’s arms will be available to push up, so baby can move and reposition his or her head. Babies who are able to self-soothe are calmer and sleep better.

Is the love to dream sleep sack safe?

The Love To Dream Swaddle UP™ 50/50 (Stage 2) features zip-off wings, so as baby gets older and doesn’t need to be as tightly swaddled, they can have their hands free; and the Love To Dream Sleep Suit and Sleep Bag (Stage 3) of the Love To Dream sleep system are a safe way your toddler can sleep without getting …

How do you wean off a love to dream swaddle?

Start thinking about weaning off the swaddle after 4 months, and no later than 6 months. You can try one arm out for a few days before progressing to both arms out. Give each stage 3 days if you are weaning under 6 months. Over 6 months you might find cold turkey removing the swaddle better.

Is swaddling safe at night?

Swaddling can help your baby sleep more soundly during the day and at night. If tucking her into a little burrito blanket for hours overnight makes you nervous, know that as long as you stick with safe swaddling and sleep guidelines, swaddling at bedtime isn’t any riskier than swaddling during naps.

What is love to Dream original swaddle up?

The Love To Dream Original Swaddle UP is Stage 1 in Love To Dream’s 3 Stage Sleep System. Since 2008, Love To Dream has been finding simple, yet genius solutions to everyday parenting and baby needs. The best news of all is that our products work. So everyone in the family will achieve a better night’s sleep.

How does the swaddle up work?

The Swaddle UP is a stretchy blend of Cotton and Elastane designed to be snug and cozy around their torso, contain baby’s arms, and thereby calm the startle reflex, encouraging a long, restful night’s sleep for Mom and baby. The Swaddle UP is safer than swaddling your baby with traditional blankets.

How do I swaddle my Baby with their arms up?

When you place your baby to sleep on their back, their natural position is for their arms to go up. The Love To Dream Swaddle UP Original features a patented design that allows you to swaddle your baby with their arms up in this more natural position.

How safe is the swaddle up?

The Swaddle UP is safer than swaddling your baby with traditional blankets. With the Swaddle UP, there are no difficult wrapping techniques required and no risk of dangerous loose blankets in your baby’s crib.