How long does HK Post E Express take?

How long does HK Post E Express take?

It may take 7 to 14 working days for mail items to reach recipients for most destination cities which are subject to situation of flight availability, customs clearance, aviation security check, force majeure events, etc as well as the territory coverage.

How long does it take Hongkong Post to us?

HongKong Post Delivery Time (Average Shipping Time) Counting from the day that the packets are on board, they could reach to most of the counties within 5-12 days. To some countries like US, UK, Canada, and Ireland, only 3 days are needed to reach in sometime.

What is E express mail?

Express mail is an expedited mail delivery service for which the customer pays a premium for faster delivery. Express mail is a service for domestic and international mail, and is in most nations governed by the country’s own postal administration.

What is Speedpost Hong Kong?

“My Speedpost” is a an online platform that streamline posting process for Speedpost account customers, helping them prepare posting forms, track mail delivery status, arrange online pick-up, order packing materials and manage posting records anywhere and anytime through their personal computers or smart phones.

What is E-express service?

e-Express service provides four tracking events: (1) Acceptance at counter; (2) Handed over to the carrier / Left for destination; (3) Arrival at overseas mail processing centre; and (4) Delivered, on the websites of HKP or of destination postal administrations within six months from the date of posting.

Does E-Express tracking?

The E-Express service of Hong Kong Post offers online tracking data for the ordered items to its users. The sellers, when they use the e-express tracking, can have a speed and affordable solution especially when they send commodities to the buyers.

How long does Hong Kong shipping take?

Ocean/Sea, Air, and Express freight time from Hong Kong to the United States

Port to Port Door to Door
Sea Freight (FCL) 19-40 days 24-28 days
Sea Freight (LCL) 6-38 days 25-30 days
Air Freight 2-7 days 6-12 days
Express* –– 1-4 days

Is Hong Kong Post shipping to USA?

Mail items to UK and USA are sent to the the destination via direct flight for delivery. Mail items to other European destinations are firstly transported to the delivery hub (Amsterdam, Netherlands or Paris, France).

What is E express service?

How does express mail come?

USPS Priority Mail Express is a guaranteed way to send documents and packages to a destination overnight or in one to two days on any day of the year, including Sundays and holidays. If the US Postal Service doesn’t deliver your package on time, they will refund the full delivery cost to you.

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive from Hong Kong?

Parcel delivery information

Service Area Delivery (Working Days)
Serviceglobalexpress AreaDocuments Delivery (Working Days)From 2 days
Serviceglobalexpress AreaPackages Delivery (Working Days)From 2 days
Serviceglobalpriority AreaALL AREAS Delivery (Working Days)4 days
Serviceglobalvalue AreaALL AREAS Delivery (Working Days)5-6 days

Is E Express reliable?

E Express Auto Transport has a very good rating compared to all auto transport companies nationwide.

Does Hongkong Post provide e-Express and Vantage service?

[ (1) & (2) are provided by Hongkong Post; (3) to (7) are provided by destination postal administrations] e-Express and Vantage (Packet) Service does not come with service for tracing lost or delayed items.

What is Hongkong Post’s economy Express?

Taking advantage of Hongkong Post’s extensive courier network in Mainland China, you can now post your items via “Economy Express” in an economical and secure way. Act now to enjoy our cost-saving and high quality courier service!

How do I track an e-Express item from Hong Kong?

Customers may enquire tracking information of their items on the websites of destination postal administrations or of Hongkong Post (HKP) within six months from the date of posting. HKP only processes indemnity claims for loss of an e-Express item originated from Hong Kong. The delivery time of Speedpost items varies depending on the destination.

What is Hongkong Post’s postage refund policy?

No refund of postage shall be made to the claimant under any circumstances. Hongkong Post has the right to recover the full amount of the compensation and postage refund if the mail item is subsequently delivered to the addressee or returned to the sender.