How long does it take to change water pump on a boat?

How long does it take to change water pump on a boat?

The Raw Water Pump Changing an impeller is not a daunting task and it’s one that every boater should consider adding to their arsenal of DIY maintenance. Changing an impeller, on many engines, usually takes less than 20 minutes even if you are fairly slow.

How often should you change your water pump impeller?

Generally speaking a 5 year interval likely works well for most folks. TomP. Mercury recommends changing the impeller every 300 hours…its in the owners manual. It’s an easy enough job to do yourself if you have some mechanical skills.

How often should you change impeller on inboard?

Most engine makers recommend changing impellers every two years — sooner if operated in sandy or silty water.

Why is my Mercury outboard not pumping water?

Turn the engine off and check for anything, such as weeds or trash, which may be blocking the water intake. If a foreign object is present, remove it and restart the engine after it has returned to normal temperature. In most outboard motors, the water output is a small tube-like structure that can easily get blocked.

Why choose Mercury outboard water pumps for your boat?

That’s why Wholesale Marine always suggests going with Mercury outboard water pumps with replacement Mercury outboard impellers to ensure a long lifespan for your boat’s engine. We have an extensive selection of full Mercury outboard water pumps, as well as the replacement parts and kits that go with it.

What’s the 18-3239 water pump repair kit for Mercury?

Sierra 18-3239 Water Pump Repair Kit for Mercury, Mariner Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For small gear case engines under 9.9 hp. Kit Includes: (1) 18-3039 Impeller (1) 18-3139 Impeller Plate (1) 18-7409…

Will the water pump kit 96148a8 work on my mercury 225 PMX?

I have a 2000 Mercury 225 PMX with serial number OG981344. Will this water pump work? Yes, this will be the correct water pump kit for your engine. Will the water pump kit 96148A8 work on my mercury 175 XRi #0D056960 Thank you so much I take it that what pictures says it what you get. No gasket or rings. How do we get these then

What is included in a water pump service kit?

Kit includes impeller, upper water pump housing with water pump cup already installed, water pump base, impeller wear plate and the necessary gaskets and o-rings to completely rebuild your water pump. Water pump service kit for XR4, XR6, 105 & 140 Jet, V135 thru V220 horsepower Mercury outboard motor applications as detailed below.