How long is recovery from PCL surgery?

How long is recovery from PCL surgery?

Expected recovery usually occurs in about three months at which time swelling may be resolved and strength recovered. A full return to active sports is usually possible. If PCL reconstruction is needed, full recovery may take 9-12 months.

Is PCL surgery a major surgery?

Doctors connect the PCL graft on either bone using screws or staples to rebuild the PCL. The average surgery takes around two hours. This is a minimally invasive operation. You’ll likely go to an outpatient surgical center.

How long does it take to walk after PCL surgery?

4-6 weeks: Brace unlocked for gait in controlled environment only (i.e. patient may walk with brace unlocked while attending PT or when at home). 6-8 weeks: Brace unlocked for all activities.

Is PCL worse than ACL?

Although it is larger and stronger than the ACL, the PCL can be torn. PCL tears make up less than 20% of injuries to knee ligaments. Injuries that tear the PCL often damage some of the other ligaments or cartilage in the knee, as well. In some cases, the ligament can also break loose a piece of underlying bone.

Is a PCL tear serious?

A PCL injury can cause mild, moderate or severe damage.

How do you sleep after PCL surgery?

Sleep on your back with the leg slightly elevated Keeping the leg elevated (but not bent!) encourages healthy circulation, which helps keep pain and swelling in check.

What’s worse ACL or PCL tear?

When do you need PCL surgery?

Surgery is often recommended when there is a complete tear of the PCL, if there is also damage to surrounding ligaments, or if the knee has become dangerously unstable. Orthopedic surgeons perform PCL surgery by removing the damaged PCL and replacing it with healthy tissue.

Is PCL tear worse than ACL?

The symptoms of ACL injuries and PCL injuries are essentially the same: pain, swelling, and knee instability. Where they tend to differ is the extent of the injury and the severity of symptoms. Because it’s smaller and weaker than the PCL, the ACL is more likely to sustain a complete tear.

Can you live without a PCL?

A lot of people can live and function normally with only a torn PCL. However, if you are younger, having a torn PCL and instability of your knee may lead to arthritis as you age. Talk with your doctor about the best treatment for you.