How many CPS2 games are there?

How many CPS2 games are there?

List of games (42 games)

English title Release date Genre
X-Men vs. Street Fighter 1996-09-09 Head-to-Head Fighting Game
Battle Circuit 1997-03-19 Beat ’em up
Darkstalkers 3 1997-05-19 Head-to-Head Fighting Game
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter 1997-06-20 Head-to-Head Fighting Game

What does CPS2 stand for?


Acronym Definition
CPS2 Capcom Play System

What is the difference between CPS1 and CPS2?

CPS1 and CPS2 both utilize bicarbonate and ATP as substrates; however, they differ in their use of a nitrogen source. While CPS1 utilizes ammonia directly, CPS2 instead uses glutamine as a source of nitrogen, hydrolyzing glutamine to ammonia and glutamate at its N-terminal glutamine amido transferase domain.

What is CPS in urea cycle?

Carbamoyl phosphate synthetase (CPS) deficiency is a urea cycle defect that results from a deficiency in an enzyme that mediates the normal path for incorporation of ammonia. CPS is derived from catabolism of amino acids into a 1-carbon compound (H2 N-CO-PO32 -), in which the carbon atom is derived from bicarbonate.

What is the difference between CPS1 and CPS 2?

CPS I is exclusively intramitochondrial, and its deficiency is responsible for the disease. CPS I is the most plentiful single protein in hepatic mitochondria, accounting for about 20% of the matrix protein. CPS II is exclusively cytosolic and is an important enzyme in de novo synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides.

What is OTD disorder?

Ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency is an inherited disorder that causes ammonia to accumulate in the blood. Ammonia, which is formed when proteins are broken down in the body, is toxic if the levels become too high.