How many districts are there in Istanbul?

How many districts are there in Istanbul?

39 Districts of Istanbul. Collectively, 39 districts of Istanbul spread over the European and Asian sides make up a large city that is not only glorious in name, but a delight to explore.

What district is Istanbul located?

Istanbul is located in north-western Turkey and straddles the strait Bosporus, which provides the only passage from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean via the Sea of Marmara.

Which is the best district in Istanbul?

Istanbul’s Top 10 livable districts (Our Pick)

  • Kadikoy.
  • Beyoglu.
  • Sariyer.
  • Fatih.
  • Bakirkoy.
  • Atasehir.
  • Sisli. Sisli is also a cosmopolitan and upscale district of Istanbul, on the European side.
  • Uskudar. Uskudar is the district located on the Asian shores of the Bosphorus, just across Besiktas.

What is the main area of Istanbul?

1. Sultanahmet (Istanbul Old Town) – for the first time. Sultanahmet is the most popular part of the city, the cultural and historical heart of Istanbul, where all the main attractions and points of interest are located.

How many districts are there in Turkey?

This administrative de-concentration divides Turkey into 81 provinces and, under these, 957 districts. The administration of the provinces is based on the principle of devolution of powers (Article 126 of the Constitution).

Which district is Taksim Istanbul?

Beyoglu district
Taksim Square is located at Beyoglu district and is considered as the heart of the modern Istanbul. Many hotels and restaurants can be found here and on Istiklal Street, and underneath there is a bus terminal for public transportation, the main subway station and the funicular.

What is the richest part of Istanbul?

The Most Expensive Residential Areas in Istanbul

  • Beşiktaş Being one of the central locations in Istanbul, Beşiktaş is one of the most expensive residential areas in Istanbul.
  • Sarıyer.
  • Kadıköy.
  • Beyoğlu.
  • Bakırköy.

Where do Turkish celebrities live in Turkey?

A new celebrity hotspot is the Palmarina in Yalikavak just outside Bodrum. This wealthy billionaires’ playground is packed full of designer shops and restaurants. Along from Yalikavak is the Turkbuku, where Prince Charles has been a visitor.

How many counties are there in Turkey?

The country is subdivided into 81 provinces and further divided in 957 districts.

How many districts of Istanbul are in Turkey?

This is a list of districts of Istanbul in Turkey ( Turkish: İstanbul’un ilçeleri) as of 31 December 2020. The number of the districts increased from 32 to 39 shortly before the 2009 local elections .

Where is Bahcelievler District in Istanbul?

The district is accessible from the E-5 Highway that runs from the Istanbul airport to the Asian side of the city. Bahcelievler covers 5% of Istanbul’s land area and is home to over 570,000 people. Bahcelievler is the northern neighbour of Bakirkoy, with a similar area.

How many MPs are there in Istanbul?

For the purpose of parliamentary elections, Istanbul is divided into three electoral districts; two on the European side and one on the Asian side, electing 28, 35 and 35 MPs respectively. A view of Dolmabahçe Palace and the skyscrapers of Levent financial district in the background.

Is Istanbul a city or province?

Since 2004, the municipal boundaries of Istanbul have been coincident with the boundaries of its province. The city, considered capital of the larger Istanbul Province, is administered by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (MMI), which oversees the 39 districts of the city-province.