How many endings are there in Chrono Trigger?

How many endings are there in Chrono Trigger?

12 endings
Chrono Trigger is something of a miracle. On top of everything else it does with near perfection, it finds the time to deliver drama, development, and jokes via more than 12 endings that take hours to seek out.

Is there a true ending to Chrono Trigger?

The standard ending of the game, Crono wakes in bed similar to the beginning of the game, but instead a soldier tells him his execution is to be carried out. To get this ending defeat Lavos anywhere except the Ocean Palace, but after Crono is brought back with the Chrono Trigger.

Who is the baby in Chrono Trigger ending?

In the PlayStation release of Chrono Trigger, one of the endings show Lucca finding an abandoned child who she takes in. This child turns out to be the character Kid from the sequel Chrono Cross. Lucca serves in a supporting role in this game as the owner of an orphanage, which she converted her house into.

When should I challenge Lavos?

In general it’s best to wait until the New Game + to try for the endings so you can have some of the best equipment in the game, it would require an incredible amount of leveling up without it. The best way to challenge Lavos to get one of the endings is normally through the right gate at the millennial fair.

Is Chrono Trigger better than Final Fantasy?

Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger both have incredible stories and both are also told incredibly well. At this point, it really is a matter of preference. Although Chrono Trigger has an incredible time travel story, Final Fantasy VI just beats it by a hair. But really, this is a matter of preference.

Does Chrono Cross have multiple endings?

Chrono Cross features twelve endings, two of which can be had on a normal playthrough (the other ten being accessible through a New Game +.

How do you get the secret ending in Chrono Trigger?

If players interact with a sparkling point in Taban’s teleport machine at the fair, they can beam directly to Lavos. Beating Lavos at this early point in the game, or at the Ocean Palace in an initial runthrough, earns players The Dream Project ending.

How many endings are there in Chrono Cross?

This game has 12 endings in all — two of which can be unlocked during your first playthrough, while the remaining 10 are only accessible in New Game + or Continue +.

Who Found Baby Lucca?

In the same scene, Lucca finds an infant with a pendant and takes her in. That child is revealed to be Kid, Schala’s daughter-clone and the female protagonist in the sequel to Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross.

Who married Chrono?


Age 16
Weapon Type Crossbow
Magical Element Ice
Family Royal family of Guardia Crono (Husband) King Guardia XXXIII (father) Queen Aliza (mother) Crono’s Mother (mother in-law) Doan (descendant) Ayla (ancestor) Kino (ancestor)

Can you beat Chrono Trigger without Chrono?

Can you beat Chrono Trigger without Chrono? – Quora. Yes, quite easy to do. Basically after the palace of Zeal encounter and before you revive Chrono at the mountain you can go fight Lavos either by going to the bucker at the end of time or taking the right teleportation pad at the fair.

How many playable characters are in Chrono Cross?

45 playable characters
Playable characters. The game contains a total of 45 playable characters. While some join automatically as the plot progresses, others only become playable depending on the actions of the player. For example, early in the game, the player is tasked with breaking Serge into a heavily guarded manor house.

What are the endings of the Chrono Trigger?

List of Chrono Trigger endings. Bad Ending: The Apocalypse. Method: Any except Ocean Palace, then lose to Lavos. This ending allows you to witness, in real time, the events recorded Ending 1: Beyond Time. Ending 2: Reunion. Ending 3: The Dream Project. Ending 4: The Successor of Guardia.

How do you defeat Lavos in Chrono Trigger?

Method: Any except Ocean Palace, defeating Lavos after re-acquiring Crono using the Chrono Trigger . We get a scene similar to the start of the game, where the bell rings outside as Crono is awoken in his bed, this time by a soldier.

Who are the playable characters in Chrono Trigger?

Chrono Trigger ‘s seven playable characters (with one of them being optional) come from different eras in the game world’s history. Chrono Trigger begins in Present with Crono, Marle, and Lucca. Crono is characterized as a fearless young man with an interest in the art of wielding katanas.

What happens to Marle in Chrono Trigger?

Gaspar brings the Chrono Trigger with him. Lucca and the others go with Gaspar to bring Crono back, leaving Marle behind to spend time with her father. Marle helps the king hang the bell, but gets caught in the balloons and floats away, landing atop Death Peak.