How many GB is Yandere Simulator download?

How many GB is Yandere Simulator download?

In terms of game file size, you will need at least 2 GB of free disk space available. Yandere Simulator system requirements state that you will need at least 4 GB of RAM.

How do you change bust size in Yandere Simulator?

3. Change Your Boobs’ Size. This one is a pretty simple feature but still very funny. Just by using “>” and “<” you can respectively increase and decrease the size of your breasts.

How big is the Yandere Simulator file?

The amount of space Yandere Simulator will take up when completed is most likely 25 GB max, 10 GB minimum.

Can a 12 year old play Yandere Simulator?

Anyone can play any game so the question is Should a 12-year kld play it and the short answer is no.

Is Yandere Simulator Free 2021?

How much is it going to cost? Yandere Simulator will be free until I am ready to include two rivals in the game.

Is Yandere Simulator on phone?

In Yandere Simulator, you take the role of a jealous girl in love with her senpai. You will do whatever you can to get closer to him, and that includes murder! Few games have such a surprising storyline. This game can be run on any device with Android 4.3 or later.

Where is the bra in Yandere Simulator?

Far behind the cherry tree, Go behind the school then walk foward past the cherry tree. It should be on the ground somewhere near the walls.

Who plays Yandere Chan?


Ayano Aishi (Yan-Chan)
Notable family members Ryoba Aishi (mother), Jokichi Yudasei (Father)
Video Games, Movies and Cartoons information
Main appearance(s) (Video Games) Yandere Simulator
Voiced by (English) Michaela Laws (main), Moesaurus (Yandere Laugh)

Is Yandere Simulator on ps4?

As of now, Yandere Simulator is a PC-only game. I cannot provide you with a Mac, Linux, or Android build of the game right now.

Can a 8 year old play Yandere Simulator?

Yandere Simulator does not contain pornographic content, but it is intended to be played by adults as it contains adult content. This game is not appropriate for children of any age and should be only played by older teens. The content can harm young minds as they do not understand the sexual nature of the game.

How old is Yandere Chan?


Ayano Aishi (Yan-Chan)
Real name Ayano Aishi
Also known as Yan-chan, Yan, Yandere
Nationality Japanese
Age 18

Is Yandere Simulator on Android?

Is there a modding guide for Yandere Simulator?

This is a modding guide for 2015+ to current which should help you learn how to mod Yandere Simulator. This is a basic modified version of the blue eyes i did only with a star making it have that anime cute feeling.

Can I change the appearance of the protagonist in Yandere Simulator?

These are the most simple of mods created for Yandere Simulator, made specifically to change the physical appearance of the protagonist. For skins, visit this page: These are the mods for Yandere Simulator that don’t fit any of the above categories. For miscellaneous mods, visit this page:

What is this Yan-Chan mod?

This mod adds yan-chan or as her real name is, Amai Odayaka, it creates and adds her to the student json list making her act like a normal student so its kinda like having a twin.