How many HMVS are there in the UK?

How many HMVS are there in the UK?

hmv is a leading specialist retailer of music, film, games and technology products, with over 120 stores around the UK, offering a wide selection of new release and catalogue titles.

How many HMVS are there?


The HMV logo, featuring Nipper and the gramophone.
HMV store in Coventry in December 2018
Founded 20 July 1921
Headquarters London, England, UK
Number of locations 113 stores (as of 21 May 2019)

Is HMV dying?

WITH millions of us now streaming our music, record store HMV seemed doomed to extinction. Yet remarkably, the 100-year-old business – which has been in and out of administration – will open ten new stores next year. The news offers hope that other much-loved former shops might reappear on the high street.

How are HMV still going?

HMV has been bought out of administration by Sunrise Records, the Canadian record store owned by the mogul, Doug Putman. Over 100 shops will remain open and 1,200 jobs will be saved.

Do HMV still exist?

The company filed for bankruptcy again, a relaunched 363 closing just after Christmas 2018. Enter Doug Putman, CEO of similar Canadian chain Sunrise Records, who purchased HMV in early 2019. One hundred and eight stores were rescued, and Europe’s largest entertainment store, HMV Vault, was launched in Birmingham.

Is there HMV in America?

Poor real estate decisions made in the early 1990s rendered the United States stores uneconomical and HMV gradually extricated itself from leases, and the final store in the United States, having lost £500,000 in 2003 and £1 million in 2004, closed on 3 November 2004.

Does HMV ship to the US?

Yes, they ship to the US.

What countries have HMV?


  • 2.1 Australia.
  • 2.2 Canada.
  • 2.3 United States.
  • 2.4 Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • 2.5 India.
  • 2.6 Ireland.
  • 2.7 Italy.

What does HMV sell now?

HMV continues to sell physical CDs and DVDs despite the decline. HMV also said it supported the music economy by bringing business to distributors, record labels and more. It also continues to champion music as social tactic in the age of streaming.

Does HMV sell Xbox games?

HMV is expanding on its new digital offerings by stocking game codes for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 games in store. The company has said that stocking individual titles, rather than specific amounts of digital currency, makes it easier for consumers to understand exactly what they are getting for their money.

Can you check stock in HMV?

We now offer a Ring & Reserve service so that customers can check the availability of an item and reserve this at their local store. Simply ring 03333 230 667, or phone your local store and select option 5, and one of our agents will be happy to assist you further.

Is HMV still open online?

You can still shop online as usual at and for Click & Collect to stores that are open. In our stores, we are following COVID Secure guidelines. Additional measures include but are not limited to: the installation of clear signage to help customers and colleagues comply with social distancing guidelines.

What did HMV do 100 years ago?

Peanut butter, punk rock and pillows. hmv celebrates its 100th birthday! Today (July 24th) marks the 100th anniversary of hmv! Back in July of 1921, the Gramophone Company, who’d 14 years earlier opened one of the UK’s first dedicated record factories, took the decision to open the first hmv at 363 Oxford Street in London,

How will you Celebrate HMV’s 100th anniversary?

hmv’s 100th Anniversary is coming soon! Happy 100th hmv! To celebrate our 100th birthday we will be launching a brand-new and exclusive, specially curated range of 1921 Centenary Series limited edition vinyl in hmv stores and online on 24 July.

What is the HMV 1921 Centenary Series?

The hmv 1921 Centenary Series is a carefully curated collection of some of hmv’s favourite albums from the past 100 years and will be presented in hmv exclusive limited-edition packaging. Our ‘Exclusives Day’ on the 24 th July 2021 will see the first 30 hmv 1921 Centenary vinyl limited-edition releases go on sale in store and online.

What is HMV’s centenary vinyl ‘exclusives day?

ORIGINAL ARTICLE 13/05/2021: HMV has announced its Centenary Vinyl ‘Exclusives Day’ to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The high street music retailer will release 30 limited edition vinyl products in-store and online on Saturday July 24, with the titles selected being a “carefully curated collection of some of hmv’s favourite albums”.