How many locations does Concentra have?

How many locations does Concentra have?

A national health care company with a patient-centered focus More than 11,000 Concentra colleagues provide occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy, and wellness services from more than 500 medical centers and 130 onsite clinics nationwide.

Who bought Concentra?

Humana announced today that it has completed its previously announced sale of Concentra to a joint venture between Select Medical Holdings Corporation (Select Medical) and Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe a private equity fund.

Where is Concentra based out of?

Addison, Texas
Concentra Inc., is a national health care company founded in 1979 in Amarillo, Texas. The company is headquartered in Addison, Texas and operates more than 520 urgent care centers in 44 states….Concentra.

Type Subsidiary
Revenue $1 billion (2015)
Number of employees 12,000

Is there a Concentra in Puerto Rico?

We are the largest occupational health network in Puerto Rico, with offices in Rio Piedras, Guaynabo, Bayamon, Vega Baja and Aguadilla.

Who is the CEO of Concentra?

W. Keith Newton (Jun 2015–)Concentra / CEO

Where is Concentra headquarters?

Addison, TXConcentra / Headquarters

Who regulates Concentra?

Concentra was established under the new Cooperative Credit Association Act (CCAA) as Canada’s only federally-regulated financial co-operative retail association. SaskCentral owned a majority stake in Co-operative Trust, which had national powers through the federal Trust and Loan Companies Act.

Is Concentra part of Humana?

Humana acquired Concentra as part of a series of efforts to expand convenient, affordable high-quality health care for its membership base. These efforts also included subsequent investments in primary care platforms including owned physician practices, clinics, and medical services organizations (MSOs).

How old is Sam Hazen HCA?

Samuel Hazen, 60, is relatively new to his role. He was named CEO in January 2019 after serving as president and chief operating officer since November 2016.

Who owns Humana insurance?

Aetna will pay $37 billion cash and stock to acquire Humana, the companies announced on July 3, in what will be the biggest health insurance merger to ever hit the industry. “The acquisition of Humana aligns two great companies,” said Aetna chairman and CEO Mark Bertolini.

What does Sam Hazen earn?

What is the salary of Samuel Hazen? As the Chief Executive Officer and Director of HCA Healthcare Inc, the total compensation of Samuel Hazen at HCA Healthcare Inc is $26,788,300.