How many people use SANE Australia?

How many people use SANE Australia?

SANE Australia featured in 903 media stories reaching a combined audience of 10,990,105 people. Promoting responsible reporting of mental illness and suicide in the Australian media. 225 reports submitted from people concerned about media coverage of mental illness or suicide, a 27% increase on the previous year.

How is SANE funded?

Founded in 1986 as Schizophrenia Australia Foundation, SANE Australia is a national charity that provides support for those affected by mental illness. SANE relies exclusively on donations and grants to achieve its goals and receives no ongoing government funding.

What services does SANE Australia offer?

SANE provides peer support, counselling, support, information and referrals to adults who identify as having a complex mental health issue, complex trauma or high levels of psychological distress. We also provide support to the family or friends who care about them.

What is the SANE Helpline?

SANE Help Centre Contact the SANE Centre on 1800 18 SANE (7263), for more information about mental illness and treatments, guidance, and referral to support services in your local area.

Is sane Australia an NGO?

SANE Australia A national charity working for a better life for people affected by mental illness – through campaigning, education and research.

Is SANE Australia Reliable?

The SANE Media Centre promotes and supports the accurate and responsible portrayal of mental illness and suicide within the Australian media.

Why is SANE Australia important?

SANE Australia is a national charity making a real difference in the lives of people affected by complex mental health issues. Guided by our vision and mission, values and behaviours, we help people live long and fulfilling lives, free from stigma and discrimination.

What is the aim of SANE Australia?

What services does mind matter?

MindMatters provides school staff with blended professional learning that includes online resources, face-to-face events, webinars and support. All content has been informed by strong evidence in the area of school mental health and wellbeing.

What is the aim of sane?

A campaign to build social connection and improve outcomes for Australians affected by complex mental health issues.

What is the aim of SANE?