How many people were injured in the Bali bombing?

How many people were injured in the Bali bombing?

Various members of Jemaah Islamiyah, a violent Islamist group, were convicted in relation to the bombings, including three individuals who were sentenced to death….

2002 Bali Bombings
Attack type Suicide bombing, car bombing
Weapons IEDs
Deaths 204 (including 2 suicide bombers)
Injured 209

How did the Bali bombings affect tourism?

The Bali bombings led to a 40% fall in outbound tourist arrivals (Hitchcock & Darma Putra, 2005) , the SARS pandemic caused a 55% decline in the number of Japanese people traveling overseas (Cooper, 2006), and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) led to a 13% drop in arrivals to OECD countries (OECD, 2010).

How many Australians died in the 2002 Bali bombings?

202 people
At about 11pm on 12 October 2002 three bombs were detonated in Bali, two in busy nightspots – the Sari Club and Paddy’s Bar – and one in front of the American consulate. The explosions killed 202 people, 88 of whom were Australian, and wounded hundreds more.

When was Bali bombed?

October 12, 20022002 Bali bombings / Start date

Who died in Bali bombings?

The blasts at two bars packed with tourists on the holiday island killed 202 people from 21 nations in Indonesia’s deadliest militant attack. Among those killed at Paddy’s Irish Bar and the nearby Sari Club were 88 Australians, 38 Indonesians and 28 Britons.

Who was responsible for Bali bombings?

A court in Indonesia has sentenced a leading member of the Islamist militant group that carried out the 2002 Bali bombings to 15 years in prison. The court in Jakarta found Zulkarnaen, 58, guilty of terrorism. He had been on Indonesia’s most-wanted list ever since the bombings and had evaded arrest until December 2020.

Who did Bali bombings?

What is the Bali flag?

The official name of the flag is Sang Saka Merah-Putih (meaning “lofty bicolour Red and White”) according to Article 35 of the 1945 Constitution. The flag is commonly called Bendera Merah-Putih (Red-and-White Flag). Occasionally, it is also called Sang Dwiwarna (The bicolour).

What is Bali famous for?

Bali is a mesmerizing Indonesian island which is world famous for its beautiful places, rich culture, history, arts and crafts, gorgeous beaches, and many more things.