How many provincial department of education are there in Sri Lanka?

How many provincial department of education are there in Sri Lanka?

9,782 provincial schools
Currently (as of 2021) there are 10,155 government schools (373 national schools and 9,782 provincial schools) with a student population of 4.2 million and 235,924 teachers, 736 Pirivenas and also 104 private schools with 127,968 students.

How many schools are there in Central Province Sri Lanka?

Our School The total number of schools in the province are 901 .

What is the District of Central Province?

The Central Province is located in the central hills of Sri Lanka comprising of three administrative districts:Kandy, Matale and Nuwara-Eliya. The land area of the Province is 5,575 km2 which is 8.6% of the total land area of Sri Lanka.

How many schools are there in North Central Province?

Anuradhapura District

Type Number of Schools
1AB 36
1C 103
2 162
3 261

What is the biggest school in Sri Lanka?

Dharmapala Vidyalaya
Dharmapala Vidyalaya, Pannipitiya, established in 1942 on land owned by Anagarika Dharmapala, is the largest Co-educational school in Sri Lanka with about 8000 students and 600 academic staff….Dharmapala Vidyalaya.

Dharmapala Vidyalaya Pannipitiya ධර්මපාල විද්‍යාලය පන්නිපිටිය
Alumni Palians

How many schools are there in Sri Lanka 2020?

There are 10,162 government schools in Sri Lanka.

What are the types of school in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka’s education structure is divided into five parts: primary, junior secondary, senior secondary, collegiate and tertiary.

What is 1AB school?

As regards the type of schools, 9 out of 10 highest ranking schools belonged to 1AB (Schools with GCE A/L Science, Commerce and Arts classes) category. Among the government schools, national schools ranked higher than provincial schools and private schools ranked higher than government schools.

What are the districts in Central Province in Sri Lanka?


district Capital Population
Kandy District Kandy 1,279,028
Matale District Matale 441,328
Nuwara Eliya District Nuwara Eliya 703,610

What are the province in Sri Lanka?

Currently there are nine provinces.

  • Western Province.
  • Central Province.
  • Southern Province.
  • Uva Province.
  • Sabaragamuwa Province.
  • North Western Province.
  • North Central Province.
  • Nothern Province.

What is the biggest province in Sri Lanka?

North Central Province
The majority of the population in the province is Sinhalese. The largest province of Sri Lanka, located in the dry zone being 10,714 km2 in extent, the North Central Province that consists of two administrative districts viz.

What are the national schools in Sri Lanka?

Pages in category “National schools in Sri Lanka”

  • Akkaraipattu Muslim Central College.
  • Al Manar Central College, Galhinna.
  • Al Manar National School.
  • Ananda College.
  • Ananda Sastralaya, Matugama.
  • Anula Vidyalaya.
  • Anuradhapura Central College.

What does the provincial Department of Education do?

Provincial Department of Education is the department under Ministry of Education, that oversees primary education to secondary level education in central province, Sri Lanka. Join our newsletter! Sign up to our newsletter, Provincial Department of Education, so you can be the first to find out the latest news updates throughout the year..

What is cpedu doing to promote productivity in education?

As a pilot projects the system has been introduced to the Provincial Department of Education. CPEDU is planning to install the system to all the zonal education offices in near future. The Provincial Department of Education is tirelessly working on to get Gold Awards on Productivity 2020. Education promotes equality and lifts people out of poverty.

What is the history of Department of Education in Kandy?

The building of Department of education was established in 1956. As a result of Sri Lanka and New Zealand bilateral project the building was donated. At the beginning it was built for Kandy Technical College and later in 1965 it was handed over to Department of Education. In 1972 the building was used for Multi Technical institute.

What are the functions of Education Department?

Cultural, Tourism, Trade.. Social Welfare, Probation.. Industrial Development.. Public Services Commissi.. Providing the primary & secondary schools with various services. Preparing educational programs according to the provincial and national education policies and allocating resources accordingly.