How many students does UBC Okanagan have?

How many students does UBC Okanagan have?

The Okanagan Campus More than 8,300 students from throughout the Okanagan region, across Canada and 80 other countries are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs in eight faculties and schools. Employing 368 permanent and 122 temporary faculty members, the student/faculty ratio is 19 to 1.

How many students are in a class at UBC?

Most courses are offered as lectures. Lectures are 50 – 80 minutes each and may consist of 30 to 200 students. When you are unsure of how the class or course component (e.g., lab, seminar) works, you can ask your professor through email or during office hours.

Is UBC a party school?

UBC prides itself on being a high-ranking school with a diverse international population and strong reputation as a research-intensive school. UBC definitely isn’t a party school, but you can find something fun to do just about every night.

Which is the best residence at UBC Okanagan?

Best Places To Live at UBC Okanagan

  • Cassiar, Kalamalka, Nicola, Purcell, Valhalla, Skeena, and Nechako Residences.
  • Similkameen Place.
  • Lower and Upper Cascades.
  • Monashee Place.

Is UBC Okanagan same as UBC?

UBC’s Okanagan campus, formerly Okanagan University College, is located in Kelowna, B.C. and became part of UBC in 2005.

How many students live on UBC campus?

Year after year, students tell us that living in residence helped them become better learners and make long-lasting friendships. UBC houses more than 11,000 students in 13 residences.

How many first year students are at UBC Okanagan?

As UBCO welcomes the incoming class of 2019, it’s obvious the student population continues to grow. UBC Okanagan’s Deputy Registrar Fred Vogt says, while numbers will change right through September, the campus is welcoming its largest first-year class of 2,347 students.

What’s the difference between UBC Vancouver and Okanagan?

UBC Vancouver is the main and large campus. UBC Okanagan is the newer and small campus. Though, UBCO is expanding rapidly.

Is UBC a dry campus?

Alcohol and drug policy in Canada and at UBC Alcohol, cannabis and nicotine are all legal to be consumed and purchased in BC for those 19 and older. Learn about the health effects of alcohol, cannabis, and vaping. Students organizing an event with liquor must review the UBC policy on serving alcohol on campus.

What is UBC Okanagan known for?

UBC is consistently ranked among the top 40 research universities in the world, and UBC Okanagan is a great place to be challenged, to thrive, and to develop into a global citizen. For 10,459 undergraduate students from 105 countries, the campus provides an unparalleled mix of academics, community, and recreation.

How much is UBC Okanagan housing?

Your residence costs will vary depending on what type of room you live in and what size of meal plan you choose. A typical cost for a room and meal plan is between $9,000 and $11,000 for the eight-month school year.

How much does UBC residence cost?

A typical cost for a room and a meal plan for a new undergraduate student is between $10,700 and $13,850 for two terms. Payments are spread over the school year. There are extra fees for parking and optional services like a landline phone.