How many transistors are in an IC?

How many transistors are in an IC?

In this Transistor Circuits ebook, we have presented about 100 interesting circuits using transistors and chips. In most cases the IC will contain 10 – 100 transistors, cost less than the individual components and take up much less board-space. They also save a lot of circuit designing and quite often consume less current than discrete components.

Why is IC/IB less than HFE for a saturated transistor?

When a transistor is saturated the collector current Ic is determined by the supply voltage and the external resistance in the collector circuit, not by the transistor’s current gain. As a result the ratio Ic/IBfor a saturated transistor is less than the current gain hFE.

What is this transistor tester combo-2?

TRANSISTOR TESTER COMBO-2 This circuit uses an IC but it has been placed in this eBook as it is a transistor tester. The circuit uses a single IC to perform 3 tests:

What are the practical matters covered by the transistor page?

Practical matters such as testing, precautions when soldering and identifying leads are covered by the transistorspage. Types of transistor There are two types of standard (bipolar junction) transistors, NPNand PNP, with different circuit symbols.

What are the active components of the transistor circuit board?

Transistors are the active components used on this circuit board. The power source is the external power supply. Five amplifier circuit blocks, which can be configured for seven different circuits, are present on the TRANSISTOR AMPLIFIER CIRCUITS circuit board. The five amplifier circuit blocks are the: COMMON BASE / EMITTER circuit block

How does a 47k transistor work?

The transistor turns on via the 47k and this puts a pulse through the 15 turn winding. The magnetic flux from this winding passes through the 6 turn winding and into the base of the transistor via the 22n capacitor. This pulse is amplified by the transistor and the circuit is kept active.

What is the gain of a single transistor-stage?

Normally a single transistor-stage produces a gain of about 100. If you require a very high gain, two stages can be used. Two transistors can be connected connected in many ways and the simplest is DIRECT COUPLING. This is shown in the circuit below.