How much can a freelance proofreader earn?

How much can a freelance proofreader earn?

And this means we know how much new proofreaders earn: On average, freelancers earn around $15-20 per hour with Proofed once they have proofread a few documents and got into their stride. This can rise to $25-50 per hour as they gain more experience and become more efficient at proofreading a wider range of documents.

What is General proofreading?

General proofreading is much more… general! It’s an excellent, heavily detailed training system wherein you’ll learn everything you need to know about proofreading general texts — think books, blogs, and the like. Thanks to the rise in self-publishing, professional proofreaders are in high demand.

What is proofread anywhere?

Proofread Anywhere is a blog owned by Caitlin Pyle, master entrepreneur, proofreader extraordinaire, and creator of Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice™, the first and only multimedia training program for transcript proofreading.

How do you become a proof reader?

You can get into this job through: a university course. an apprenticeship….You could volunteer by:proofreading documents for family or people you work or study with.writing or proofreading for student magazines or publications.proofreading for small businesses.working on charity publications, websites or social media.